New Jersey to Spend $2m a Year on “Gun Buybacks.” Again.

Trenton NJ Gun Buyback (courtesy

New Jersey is set to pass a law requiring the Garden State to hold nine “gun buybacks” per year. We’re talking three “turn in your guns, no questions asked” events in North, Central and South Jersey. A quick look at S1154/A2374 reveals that the state expects to spend $2m a year on the program. Well, not exactly . . .

That’s $2m of lost revenue. They bills calls for a “gross income tax and corporation business tax credit program for donations to the existing Office of the Attorney General (OAG) gun buyback program.”

But if that doesn’t work out, taxpayers to the rescue!

In addition, the bill may alter by an indeterminate amount the OAG’s [Office of Legislative Services] annual gun buyback expenditures. Any impact will be the difference between program expenditures under the bill and current law.

The OLS, however, cannot determine the difference because of a lack of information on significant parameters of implementation under the two scenarios, such as the number of gun buyback events, cumulative gun buyback payments, and the availability of program funding.

It’s a blank check, basically. Good money after bad you say? And how!

The OAG has already been conducting gun buyback events periodically. In response to an FY 2015 OLS Discussion Point, the OAG reported that it had purchased nearly 16,000 firearms, including more than 7,300 handguns and nearly 1,900 illegal firearms, at ten gun buyback events held since December 2012.

The OAG noted further that, on average, it had paid $135 per firearm and that $2.27 million in OAG forfeiture funds and a $50,000 private donation financed the buybacks.

The average gun buyback event thus cost $232,000. According to a September 4, 2013 OAG press release, citizens could turn in up to three firearms “no questions asked” and receive a cash payment of up to $250 per weapon, depending on the type of gun and its condition.

So NJ has already spent $2.27m on gun “buybacks” and only raised $50k in private donations. And the impact on NJ’s firearms-related crime rate is . . .

Unknown. My guess: none. Actually, I bet the $250 payment created crime by establishing a safe and secure black market for stolen firearms.

In New Jersey — as it is in so many other places — the road to hell is paved with taxpayer dollars.


  1. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    No worries. NJ is quite financially stable, so funding for this waste of time isn’t a problem. /sarc

    1. avatar BLoving says:

      We’ve seen businesses fleeing California due to stupidity like this. What’s the situation in New Jersey?
      It’s as if the gun bigots really don’t realise that guns are not a finite resource…

  2. avatar aircooled says:

    So that’s $1.9 million for LEO overtime and $0.1 million for purchases?

  3. avatar GS650G says:

    I’ve got a crappy .25 for them. Need to get a schedule so I can unload it.

  4. avatar FedUp says:

    No questions asked, eh?
    Will they fence stolen NJSP weapons for you, or only weapons stolen directly from taxpayers?

  5. avatar RetMSgt in Pa. says:

    Cost of a home-made bump-fire shotgun with parts from your local hardware store – $5.

    Money collected at a no-questions-asked event – up to $250.

    Your feeling of accomplishment – Priceless.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      RetMSgt in Pa.,

      Home-made bump-fire shotguns cost considerably more than $5 with parts from your local hardware store. Galvanized and black (natural gas) pipe are expensive these days. Here are the prices that I found at a well known home improvement chain:
      $3.25 — 3/4 inch galvanized pipe (for barrels)
      $1.50 — 1 inch galvanized pipe plug (for receiver)
      $2.50 — 1 inch galvanized pipe coupling (for receiver)
      $4.50 — 1 inch galvanized pipe nipple (12 inch length for receiver)
      $0.25 — cut down nail for firing pin
      $??? — glue or epoxy to hold firing pin in place
      $12.00 — Total (not including epoxy to hold firing pin)

      And that pricing above requires that you purchase a 10 foot long piece of 3/4 inch galvanized pipe for the barrel and cut it into four pieces, each 30 inches long — meaning that you would actually have to build four of these to get that pricing per home-made slam-fire shotgun.

      Note that your build would have to be at least 26 inches long overall length to be “legal”. And since your barrel is almost the entire finished length (it goes inside almost the entire length of the 1 inch galvanized pipe “receiver”), you have to cut fairly long barrels. As it turns out, that 10 foot long piece of 1 inch diameter pipe is 120 inches which divides into four pieces, 30 inches long each.

  6. avatar Chris says:

    The guy on the right is like “Yassir, das a big’un. Das why I became a cop, dis good. Two hunnit dollahs, ah’m makin a diffince inna world!”

  7. avatar MyName says:

    New Jersey: Continually implementing ideas so good that they must be mandatory.

  8. avatar doesky2 says:

    Looks like a good time to take in your worthless rust bucket trash guns

  9. avatar JasonM says:

    If they mean a tax credit (offsets the final tax bill by the full donation amount), versus a deductible donation (offsets the final tax bill by 34-38% of the donation amount), that sounds like a good plan.

    If I lived in Jersey <shudders at the thought>, I’d offset as much of my income tax <shudders again at the thought of paying state income tax> as possible into the program, then buy a press to turn out AK receivers for $1 each, so I could turn in my “assault rifles” for $200 each. That’s a great tax refund.

  10. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    They will give up their guns for a few pieces of silver in the East. In the west they will give up their guns to smoke legal pot.
    It seems there are many people who think pot and guns are of equal value to be traded. The progressive democrats will give you pleasure. You just have to give up your guns in exchange.

  11. avatar RCC says:

    I was thinking 3 inch pvc pipe and green spray paint for “rocket launcher”.

    Some people made a lot of “machine gun ” parts in the first Australian buy back. Traded for $1000’s.

  12. avatar Roger Cain says:

    Liberals are as dumb as rocks (and corrupt as shit).

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      Only when they are spending someone else’s money.

  13. avatar Gutshot says:

    Jersey sucks. Ugly and shitty. Also completely infested with rat-like creatures known as libtards. When encountering such vermin, stomp down hard upon them, preferably on their pointy heads.

  14. avatar Marcus says:

    Someone needs to get a load of expended AT4s from a military training session and load them up in a truck and pocket some major cash for trash.

  15. avatar A Brit in TX says:

    Why is it that NJ’s cop uniforms are particularly Gestapo-ish? Any historical reason there?

  16. Since airguns (BB guns and pellet guns) are considered “firearms” in NJ, can we buy a cheap $20 BB gun and turn it in for $250?
    Or if the $250 is only for banned, illegal “assault weapons”, then we can buy a BB gun that’s an SBR (banned in NJ as an “assault weapon”), or a .177 pellet gun with a silencer (also banned in NJ as an illegal “assault weapon”) cheaply and turn it in for $250. Too bad I already sold my “airgun assault weapon” out of state (a single-shot airgun SBR, which NJ apparently considers just as illegal and deadly as a sawed-off shotgun or M240 machine gun!)

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