Guess How Many Americans Think America Would be Safer Without Civilian Gun Ownership

As I mentioned in a previous post — 81% of Gun Owners Believe They’d Win a Defensive Gun Use — a CBS News poll on guns and gun ownership contained some fascinating data that didn’t make their article. Here’s another eye-opening survey result: Note: a respondent might understand that the Second Amendment protects Americans’ right to keep and […]

Maryland’s Parishioner Protection Act is a Shot in the Dark: IMI Systems Quote of the Day

“While I think the idea of arming worshippers is foolish, it’s good to see Republicans reacting in some way to a mass shooting. Being generally complicitous with the NRA, they usually have little to say about the nation’s gun madness. They might offer ‘thoughts and prayers for the innocent victims.’ And they might admonish journalists […]

Tips for Women Buying Their First Handgun

A few factors for the first-time gun buyer to consider: comfort, capacity, size, weight, ease of maintenance, whether they have sufficient grip strength. Not to mention the most important aspect — what you want your new gun to do. Of course, all of these considerations apply equally to both men and women when they’re looking […]

New From ZRODelta: Gen 2 Cowl Induction Brake (CIB)

We’ve heard from a few reliable sources that ZRODelta’s (preciously Alamo Four Star) Cowl Induction Brake is one of the best recoil reducers on the market. This will be put to the test in the next Muzzle Brake Shootout, as we just got our hands on the new-and-improved Gen 2 version seen here. ZRODelta’s press […]

Camera Parts Fashioned Into Non-Functional Firearms. Awesome!

“Art is meant to send a message, to inspire or to provoke emotions,” proclaims. “Inside a Denver metal shop, two artists are doing just that by turning old cameras and photography equipment into sculptures of life-like firearms.” Photographer Jason Siegel and metalworker Keith D’Angelo claim their work isn’t anti-gun . . . The artists said […]