Editorial: Sheepdogs Save Lives While NFL Shows Its Ass

While the wicked preyed upon innocents in a horrific attack in Las Vegas, brave American sheepdogs showed their nation our very best. The very next day, in a striking contrast to the bravery and courage under fire from Las Vegas, social justice “warriors” in the NFL flipped America off.

People tend to freeze during an attack, when the unthinkable happens. For some, beginning to move happens quickly, while others will remain paralyzed by fear.

Sheepdogs on that field in Las Vegas selflessly stepped up to help their fellow Americans in time of need. These courageous men and women helped others move to safety, preventing further injuries. While bullets ricocheted off the ground, these sheepdogs moved the wounded out of the line of fire and tried to stop the bleeding, saving lives.

One man ran while carrying a 20-year-old cancer patient who was too weak to walk, much less run. That brave man’s fiancee guided the cancer patient’s mother.

Recall the picture of a man atop a wounded woman. He helped her to safety, then went back and saved another person’s life using his belt as a tourniquet as bullets hit flesh and pavement around him. Later, he stuck his finger into the bullet wound of a third person to save another life.

Another hero rescued as many as 30 of the wounded before he too was shot in the neck. At that point, another sheepdog rescued him.

One man “borrowed” a pickup truck, loaded it with wounded and drove to a nearby hospital. He then returned with the stolen truck for a second load.

Other men died shielding their wives.

And the truth is that, as seen in places like Houston and Florida after natural disasters, America has no shortage of these courageous men and women.

Unfortunately, in a nation of over 300 million, we can’t all be heroes.

The very next day, instead of coming together as America mourned, well-paid NFL players continued their protests against our flag, our soldiers, and our nation during our national anthem. In fact, at least one player literally showed his ass to the flag during the anthem on Monday Night Football.

Make no mistake, everyday Americans have noticed these antics. Angry fans continue to burn their NFL licensed gear.   Millions of Americans have tuned out the NFL, once America’s most popular professional sport, as evidenced by an increasing number of empty seats and plummeting ratings.

Soon, if the trend continues, the NFL will stand for “No Fans Left”. Frankly, it couldn’t come soon enough.


88 Responses to Editorial: Sheepdogs Display Heroism While the NFL Shows America Its Ass

  1. The NFL has some internal and external bad-actors intentionally trying to wreck our Nation’s pasttime. This is just another example of the _____ [just recently promised GOD that I would try very hard to watch my language because nothing spreads faster than bad language] (D) coopting something ‘good’ to drive out the holders of the thing and to occupy what’s left. It is total Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals garbage. And the purveyors of it need to come to violence (1/2 day beating with a wet flip-flop).

    • First they came for the word “oriental.” Then they came for Christmas. Then they came for our rebel flags. then they stole Columbus Day. Now they’re coming for football.

    • Don’t bet on it. Tickets are fully sold out for the season in most stadiums, so the NFL has the money whether fans show up or not. TV rights are also sold for the next 2-3 years depending on the network, so again, even if there was a massive decline in viewership, it would not financially impact the NFL for a while.

      Licensed merchandise is the only real avenue to directly impact the NFL and I question even how much of an impact this will have.

      The league could certainly do something about it, but they know that the vast majority of football fans wouldn’t know what to do on Sunday if they didn’t have a game to watch. The league is counting on this and will simply sit tight and wait for the next big deal that people can get worked up about.

  2. The NFL will pay dearly for its failure to discipline its employees who engage in reprehensible public behavior while on the job.

    If you need something to watch on Sunday afternoon, consider NASCAR.

  3. The amount of ignorance displayed by members of the RACIST COMMENT DELETED is simply off the charts.

    Convicted felons making millions, who only made it to the NFL because they were offered athletic scholarships to tax payer funded institutions otherwise they would have ebded up in prison.

    Meanwhile the NFL receives millions in federal tax breaks to continue to shit upon real Americans..

    All while protesting Racial Inequality, in league whose demographic constituency skews disproportionately black and criminal.

    • Pretty damn liberal interpretation of “racist”. Would you prefer National Felons League?

      God forbid we talk about baseball and the impact of the Negro Leagues on Americas pastime.

  4. To be fair, Justin Houston was actually praying in that picture. If you want to use someone, show that clown Marcus Peters.

    • Nonsense. Show me a picture of him “praying” on the sideline BEFORE all this shi*t got started and I’ll believe it’ maybe.

    • Praying? Towards Mecca?

      There’s a time and a place for prayer. Hoisting your ass into the air towards the flag during the National Anthem is grossly disrespectful to the flag and all that it represents.

      • Yeah, you know, you can’t pray to God when one is supposed to be worshiping and revering the other god – the State and military complex.

        God forbid that you cross that line from the sacred to the profane.

        • He could have chosen to pray while standing and facing the flag with his hand over his heart. God would still hear him just fine and no one would judge.

          His gesture was repugnant.

    • This culture war the left is waging certainly does impact gun ownership and gun rights. In fact, just look at the Left waging jihad on our gun rights both nationally and closer to home for me in Illinois. The same may be happening in your state as well.

      • YES and our rights rest on a thread in Illinoisistan Boch. I don’t give a rat’s anus about football. If you guys had a GSL meeting anywhere near Southern Cook co. I’d be there. Not Charleston…

        • You mean like Orland Park? Been there for a while now.

          Next meeting October 29th at DA’s Deli and Dining.
          Dinner and Convo at 4. “Meeting” begins at 530.

          See ya there!


      • Oddly enough, I am a gun-owning, pro-RKBA liberal that supports “taking the knee”. This has nothing to do with guns and all to do with rightwing nuttery. But I guess Bob Farago needs the clicks so he’s catering to the “deplorables”.

  5. Maybe it’s time the WWF brings back the XFL. With patriotic players that respect our Flag, Soldiers, VETs, and OUR country!

  6. Yes, yes and yes. Completely agree with this column! Thank you Mr Boch for putting your thoughts down on “paper”! While feckless politicians cry and whine their way through the day, fearless everyday Americans put themselves in harms way to save and defend perfect strangers in many cases. Purebred American sheepdogs jump into action with virtually no regard for their own well being as the bullets fly. Keep in mind that these sheepdogs had no idea what was going on, if there were several shooters or what was coming next yet, they leap into action without hesitation. No ambulance handy? No problem, they improvise a solution and “borrow” a truck. No tourniquet handy? No problem, they adapt and fashion a life saving tourniquet out of a belt. No cover handy for wounded or helpless innocents? No problem, they overcome by using their own bodies to shield them, even if that means they get shot.

    Meanwhile, overpaid, pampered athletes who sacrifice nothing and stand for nothing, sit, kneel and show their backsides to our flag, anthem and Country while getting paid millions.

    Finally, from their safe and protected (by others) perch, media elites praise gun control efforts and blatantly try to snatch our freedoms from us. So F coward politicians, F elite groveling media types and F the NFL.

    Not one inch. Not one step back. Ever.

    • So much this.

      I personally don’t see why the national anthem and all the military display has to be put on at games of any sport. What’s linkage there?

      I just don’t patronize the NFL with my money.

  7. Sheepdogs herd the sheep so the shepherd can slaughter them. Anyone who claims to be a dog of any kind should remember, dogs serve man and are put down when they become a danger.

    • The sheepdog analogy is not perfect, other than they do tend to protect the sheep from wolves and other predators, if not from the shepherd.

      The TROLL analogy, in your case, seems entirely perfect.

    • We’ve been through this before, but…

      There are two main kinds of sheepdogs. Herding dogs such as Border Collies can keep a flock together or move them in a certain direction – whether to a greener pasture or to a pen for slaughter.

      Livestock guardian dogs such as the Great Pyrenees intermingle with the sheep and protect them from predators. This is the kind of sheepdog Boch is referring to here.

  8. Quit giving the NFL attention. Stop watching. Stop talking. Stop buying their junk. They don’t exist to real Americans.

  9. This article reminded me to send an e-mail expressing my disapproval of the NFL and the team closest to my home.

    • Today it’s about racial injustice. Yesterday it was about police brutality. Tomorrow it will be about having larger flat screen TVs in the locker room. Oh, and free cocaine.

    • It is about presumed, unsubstantiated, and EXPLOITED racial injustice. Tell me again how athletes earning millions of dollars every year to play a game are somehow being discriminated against? And if they see what they perceive to be racial injustice then they need to work to correct that on their own time, off the field. I can’t hang political slogans on my truck while I’m driving (although when I was an owner/op I did have some subversive Obama mud flaps, but that’s another story), I cannot yell epithets at our customers who offend my political views, and I fer damn sure can’t show them my ass.

      But when I’m not at work I can do as I damn please and support the politics I believe in.

      These guys need to start being punished according to NFL rules and barred from a game or two for disrespecting the flag and the anthem. We’ll see how much they are willing to support their political convictions (as opposed to their legal convictions) when their bank accounts start shrinking by 7 figures a week.

        • They’re sticking up for lies. The number of unarmed black men killed by police is less than 20 a year about the same as unarmed white men. The myth that unarmed equals harmless. If they actually gave a damn they would rail against the number of unarmed black men killed every year by other black men.

    • Kerry –

      You must understand. Most people in this country have been indoctrinated since day 1 of their lives that they must worship and revere the state, its’ military and the people who “serve” in that military.

      This makes it palatable for people to willingly be stolen from in the form of taxes so that it can fund illegal foreign wars and campaigns and make a few crony companies a lot of money.

      Young men and women die. It’s disgusting. It’s not protecting our “freedoms” or “spreading democracy”.

      But alas, now I’ve profaned and blasphemed the gospel of the USA and now, according to most of the proselytes I’m deserving of death.

    • Yeah and how is disrespecting the flag of the the only superpower to ever have elected a black man as their leader helping?

      • There may be exceptions that I’ve overlooked, but I’m aware of only two countries that have elected minority candidates to their highest elected office — the US (Obama) and Peru (Alberto Fujimori). Oddly enough, both were totally corrupt.

        There have been other minority leaders, such as Stalin who was Georgian, and Hitler who was Austrian (and spoke with a monster Austrian accent), but they weren’t elected.

        Female leaders do not qualify for the “minority” label since they constitute a majority in most countries.

    • We should do away with racial injustice! For example, no more than 14% of NFL players should be allowed to be black.

    • Kerry, it doesn’t matter what you think it’s about. They are employees on the clock, wearing their employer’s uniform, making a political statement in a very public way. If I was their employer, I would not tolerate it.

      They can make their political statements on their own time, in their own clothes, and see if any broadcast networks show up with cameras.

    • If it’s not about the flag, why do they do it during the anthem?
      Why not immediately after they go to their side of the field? Or after the anthem?
      When you do it during the anthem, it’s about the flag, because you made it about the flag.

    • If it has nothing to do with the flag, why are they protesting only when the flag comes in and the anthem plays? (Answer: It has everything to do with the flag.)

  10. This Sunday I am having my own protest AGAINST the “National Felon League”. I am taking my children and their Aunts, Uncles and cousins to the range for the day. Hopefully, they will come away with a memory no NFL game can surpass. It usually does, because they always ask when can we go again.

    • I’ve already stopped watching my team (Giants). Which is ironic since they stopped playing football some time during week one.

  11. The contrast between the real heroes and the fake heroes is stark. I would rather wear a shirt with the name of one of the brave men in Vegas that night than the Milli Vanilli pretenders prancing about in the NFL.

  12. I’m not sure how to go about it but what would really hurt the NFL is if somehow all these municipalities, some local, some state level, would default on debt service payments for these stadiums we gave them. Exactly how to encourage elected officials to make that happen I don’t know. But one thing is for sure, it is time taxpayer financing of NFL stadiums came to an end.

    These ungrateful bastards need to learn respect for a nation that has basically given them over $6.7 billion over the last 20 years.

    I spent last Sunday loading some 30-06 for hunting season, it’s really not that hard to find a better pastime. F the NFL.

    • 30-06 one of my favorite s, what are you hunting? Deer season is just around the corner, I’m getting itchy. I’m going to use my revolver again, I’d like to use the 1911,( just to see) but it’s not legal here.

    • I might have misunderstood, who called the crowd being fired on “sheepdogs”, other than the writer of this article? Someone insulting the people even more?

      • Sheepdog is a go to honorific for soldiers and police officers because they theoretically protect us from the “wolves,” but they failed to stop this particular wolf in anything remotely resembling a timely manner. The police response aside from helping the injured was woefully insufficient.

  13. If these people lived off my money (NFL and all “sports”), they would be living in cardboard boxes. A fake education with fake grades leads to fake people.

  14. Last Thursday there were numerous get togethers around town for THURSDAY night football. The nfl is still laughing to the bank. And don’t forget one very important thing here the players are the stars so have your tantrum but make sure your fantasy team is ready by Sunday.

  15. So were are attacking NFL players for protesting police brutality, disparate outcomes for minorities in the criminal justice system, etc. because some good people did some good things during a horrific event that the police failed to stop in a timely manner and for which we are criticizing the police and other security personnel on this blog in other posts on this very day? Seems pretty silly to me. The two events aren’t related. The NFL protests aren’t about gun rights or really about guns, so they don’t have much a place on this blog in my mind.

    Regardless, I don’t have any interest in condemning people for exercising their freedom of speech, especially in such a benign way. Since they are doing it at work, their employers can tell them to stop if they want. But it affects me not at all.

  16. Blacks protesting social injustice at sporting events is really nothing new and History has proven them right time and time again. The average flag waving brain washed Jethro Bodine cannot see the forest for the trees as its only a matter of time when more and more White People will start getting executed by mad dog cops as well but they cannot see it coming.

    The U.S. since the end of WWII has become (“The New Nazi’s) as the Military Industrial Complex has waged constant wars of rape, pillage and conquest. Only recently we bombed 6 different countries in 1 day. That’s an all time record that even would have made Hitler envious but of course he would have approved of it whole heartedly.

    The Conservative is his own worst enemy. When “he should” trust the Government as when it wants to educated his children at no cost to him or give him health coverage at no cost or better wages or retirement he is unwilling to work with the government to make this possible but when “he should not” trust the Government as when it brainwashes him and appeals to his racism and xenophobia and tribalism so he can be used for cannon fodder to fight wars that make the super rich more wealthy and powerful he can hardly wait “to shoot that thar big rifle gun” and kill lots of them thar foreign devils that want to take his guns and his religion. Very few of any of these Hillbilly Morons realize that flags and patriotic songs are used by all governments as nothing more than brainwashing tools to appeal to his most primitive instincts and like a fool he falls for it every single time learning nothing from the debacle of previous wars that were unnecessary and cost him billions in tax dollars and achieved nothing but to bankrupt the Nation and leave no money left over for social programs. As Herr Drumpf once said long before he ran for President, “These Morons are so stupid you can tell them anything and they will believe it”. Hitler knew it too and both men used the same racism to get into power and just as Hitler ended up destroying himself along with Germany so to History is repeating itself with Herr Drumpf, only this time if its nuclear war it just may be the last time the xenophobes march off to war with idiotic patriotic songs on their lips.

    The two most divisive and unnecessary wars were the Revolutionary War and the Civil War with Vietnam being a distant third as only the uneducated lower working class was dumb enough to let themselves get drafted only to find out way too late what victims and suckers they really were.

    Yes the Government is absolutely paranoid that we should one day no longer salute the flag or sing patriotic songs as then they know the “jig would be up” and no longer will they be able to get fools to do their dirty work for them and go off to war with head held high, flags waving and with patriotic songs on their lips. Darwinism might then just then become extinct.

    But in the meantime our streets run rivers of blood as Minorities get murdered by cop every day and the Hillbilly says “who cares” just as long as the Sadist Cops aren’t killing too many of us White People we could not care less. Chilling but oh so true as the German People knew damn well what was happening to the Jews and they too said “who cares its not us” until of course one day it was their turn.

  17. The US .gov is the new nazis? Yet you support that same nazi regime disarming the citizens. What does that make you? A nazi or the dumbest human being alive?

    Very easy question. Unable to answer such an easy question?

    • to jwm

      Reading comprehension Jethro, reading comprehension. I have never supported disarmament but only reasonable vetting of gun purchases like all other civilized nations have done for decades. There are plenty of guns in Germany which has stringent training and vetting requirements and last night MSNBC re-ran an example I have given many times and that is that it is a totally myth that the Japanese are disarmed as well as it showed an American who owns both rifle and shotgun in Japan but was properly vetted before he purchased them.

      • Properly vetted by the fascists .govs standards or the communist.govs standards? You can’t be dumb enough(maybe you are) to believe that either way can work.

        Or maybe you just enjoy having to get permission to exercise your basic human and civil rights.

        Either way, nobody is buying your bs.

        • to jwm

          Your idea of basic human rights is warped beyond all logic. No you do not have the right to let criminals walk in and take your guns because you did not store them in a safe and no your basic human rights do not include letting children blow their heads off because you left loaded guns laying around the house and no your basic human rights do not include selling second hand guns that end up in the hands of criminals and nut cases.

          Basic human rights do not include the right to act so irresponsible that you end up living in an uncivilized society that is in the process of destroying itself as is the case today in the U.S. The mass shootings as a way of life alone prove that beyond any doubt.

  18. PGA Golf players are not drafted, they have to play the golf circuit. Once they can preform great then and only then they can play in the PGA. These guys play some games for the contry only, no pay. (President Cup and Ryder cup). At the end of 18 holes they always shake hands. They play the course and not really each other, enough said. I shut down NFL and now watch PGA.

  19. The fact that there are people who think the NFL players are protesting against our flag, our soldiers, and our nation during our national anthem are the exact reason WHY they are protesting.

  20. Hey Cisco,
    After you disarm this country by disarming our so called evil military, how do you plan to stop China from owning the West Coast?

    Whether the call is to destroy our evil military/industrial complex or disarm our evil nuclear stockpile the call is always the same. Disarm US. But what about the other guy? Where is the call to disarm THEM TOO?

    We spend too much money on the military that should have gone to social programs? Pick up your copy of the Constitution and show me the part about the govt. being responsible for the national defense. It’s in there. But what isn’t in there is any duty of govt. to provide even one single social program or charity. What it says is that anything not spelled out specifically as a power of the federal govt. IS NOT a power of the govt but is the business of the states or of the people. And you want to eliminate spending on what is the FIRST duty of the govt. and spend it instead on the social gravy train of charity that is not a Constitutional duty of the govt.?

    The Revolution was an evil war fought by fools and suckers? Divisive? Unnecessary?

    Reading comprehension? I have read and I comprehend that you are the last person who should be in charge of anything of importance in this country.

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