TAOFLEDERMAUS is at it again, and he’s showing us a cool feature to this bulletproof backpack. It seems perfectly functional for a student or professional to carry, and it’s really awesome to see it instantly turn into a legitimate source of body protection.

Nothing’s a guarantee, but with this thing covering your vitals, you’re increasing your odds, to say the least.

15 Responses to This Bulletproof Backpack Has a Hidden Feature

    • I think the point is to try and deploy before the shooter gets to you. Im sure a few practice runs would do wonders. I’d buy one as long as my sub2K fits inside.

      • I bet a 9mm AR pistol with a LAW Tactical folding stock adapter and a DOLOS quick detach barrel would fit nicely.

        I’m trying talk myself into building a $1000 backpack AR pistol…..

        Plus a $500 backpack to carry it in.

        Then the most valuable thing I carry every day would be the backpack and pistol.


  1. Auto-play videos, showing someone else’s content are at it again, and they’re showing us why this site is going downhill.

  2. IIIA… seems pointless; this is for wearing at school, right? to defend against (extremely, extremely rare) mass shootings? Most of those are done with some sort of rifle (only one I can think of was with a shotgun)…. which will zip right through IIIA armor.

    I suppose you could use this at school then deploy it before walking home to defend against gang bangers or something. But, of course, you could just get a concealable IIIA vest and wear it the whole time… maybe this would be more comfortable during the day or something?

    • Not until you deployed it, I guess. But I suppose you could walk around every day with the vest deployed. You’d get some looks and maybe questioned, but if you’re OK with that……

  3. Not the first, and too slow. There are much faster versions of this product that pull over your head, and hold your gun:

  4. Is there a version which will look reasonable on a septuagenarian who isn’t an aging hippie? How about one for someone wearing a business suit or just common, everyday casual attire? No? I didn’t think so.

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