The latest FBI crime statistics are out. The usual suspects are poring over the data, looking for justification for their anti-gun agenda. The resulting spin is nothing less than dizzying. For example, the chart above — created by our good friends at The Trace — shows that the criminal use of rifles has declined both generally and as a percentage of the types of firearms used in crimes. Now you and I would look at that and conclude . . .

that the data doesn’t support gun control advocates’ ongoing campaign to ban “assault rifles” (setting aside the irrelevance of any data given Americans’ Second Amendment protections). The Trace has a different take . . .

It’s not surprising that handgun homicides account for most of the elevation in the national murder rates over the past two years. Following a sea change in the legal gun market, as gun companies cater to those who buy weapons to defend themselves from other people, the supply of handguns to the black market has also expanded.

Once again, criminals use handguns because they’re easy to conceal. Full stop. Anything suggesting anything else is either delusional, willfully ignorant or anti-gun rights agenda-driven.

Speaking of “assault rifle” regulation, there’s one in place in California. In fact, the Golden State has more and more unconstitutional gun control laws than any other state. So how’s that working out for them?

FBI: Violent crime up in California and US for 2nd straight year the headline at proclaims, careful to add “and the US” to ameliorate the failure of the state’s law enforcement and gun control regime.

Talk about spin; the news org doesn’t reveal the actual rise (4.1 percent) until the twelfth paragraph. And before that, yup, you guessed it, there’s a shot at President Trump.

But the recent jumps, while prompting concern and a search for causes, do not reflect a picture of spiraling lawlessness suggested by some observers, criminologists said. President Trump earlier this year falsely claimed the U.S. murder rate had surged to its highest level in nearly 50 years.

Violent crime and property crime rates, instead, were uneven across the Bay Area and the country, with some local jurisdictions reporting falling numbers year-to-year, and nearly all of them seeing crime rates that are well off the historical highs of decades ago.

Here’s the only bit where “reporter” Evan Sernoffsky focuses on the surge in violent crime.

In the region’s largest city, San Jose, violent crime went up 13 percent from 2015 to 2016 and homicides rose from 30 to 47. San Jose, though, remains relatively safe among big cities.

Fail. Epic fail. Epic gun control fail. Violent crime is up in every major city with “strict” (i.e. unconstitutional) gun control. Check out this lipstick on a pig headline: FBI: Violent crime up in Seattle and Washington in 2016, but murders specifically down. Or this: How some local law enforcement agencies are making headway in reducing violent crimes.

Violent crime is up. As usual, cities with gangs and gun control are spearheading the rise. Gun rights restoration alone may not solve the problem, but it’s clear that gun control is not the solution. As if you didn’t know.

22 Responses to Latest FBI Crime Stats Don’t Support Gun Control

  1. Im shocked…… not really.
    The Trace is a joke. Kommiefornia is a bigger joke. The is no such thing as a reporter in the msm. Reporters report the news. They dont make it up. They are nothing but fiction story tellers now.

  2. They never have.
    I wonder if anyone at The Trace has red pilled themselves with all the data they see. It’s impossible that none have unless they are honest to goodness true believers willing to dunk their heads into a cooler of Jones-Aid.

    The biggest threat to the antis always has been and always will be truth in data.

    • As my Daddy liked to say, “No effort is entirely worthless. It can always be used as a bad example.”

      In countering the lies promoted by the anti-Second Amendment groups it is extremely helpful to be able to recognize those lies when you hear them and understand the spin they have put on the facts, not just the facts themselves.

      Those of us who occasionally get mired in such anti-gun arguments but do not have the time or experience to search out and fisk this sort of propaganda appreciate the effort TTAG puts into refuting anti-gun claims.

  3. Take a look at that chart.

    The crime started steadily rising in 2009, through 2015.

    Who was in running the country during that time period?

  4. How was that a “shot” at Trump?

    They mentioned one of his numerous and ongoing lies in a way that was completely relevant to the article.

    When it’s gotten to the point that you think any thing that mentions your guy is a shot, including factual quotes, it’s time to do some deep thinking on whether he should really be your guy any more.

    • You get woke to ohole first before you cast a stone. Liberal POS (D) are the problem. The areas with increased violence are AS HAS ALWAYS BEEN, centered in the gravity wells that are the liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, globalist, global-climate-change POS (D) MFs that all attempted to cheat the vote and Hillocrap still lost because you all’ll never wake up. LOOK AT THE RED V. BLUE VOTING MAP.

      Where there’s BLUE, you have evil POS (D) in purposefully constructed dangerous clots where the predominance (you don’t have to even study it, you just have to LOOK) if not THE ENTIRETY of “gun violence” exists BECAUSE I GUARANTEE NO STUPID MF GUN-BRABBER EVER CAME TO THE HEARTLAND TO STUDY ANYTHING, OR THEIR ASS WOULD LIKELY BE HANGING FROM A POWER POLE.

  5. There is a real reason for crime to be up in cali!!

    the gov signed bills into law that let out the criminals early and lowered the sentences– prop 47

    so guess what! They heard that across the nation and now come here to commit crimes and get off easy!!!!

    • Since Ca has a higher percentage of people in prison than any other state and maybe country, we should give all the people that want to end thier terms a bus ticket to your state, like some many did in the 50s and 60s to send thier troublemakers to Ca(they called it 66ing someone)

  6. “Following a sea change in the legal gun market, as gun companies cater to those who buy weapons to defend themselves from other people, the supply of handguns to the black market has also expanded.”

    Let’s try something here… Following a sea change in the clothing market, as fashion designers cater to women who buy clothing to appeal to other people, the number of women supplying sex to rapists has also expanded.

    Silly me, I thought we weren’t supposed to blame the victims.

  7. Crime is up, we plebs need “common sense gun safety measures” for our own good; crime is down and its “what do you need a gun for?”

    My other favorite dichotomy: “guns are horrifying, death machines…but you serfs couldn’t possibly use one to effectively defend yourself…you racist”

  8. Wait. So we use guns to liberate ourselves from British rule, then we make it law that men have the right to bear arms to keep ourselves from being the subjects of tyranny in the future… then we have a few random nut jobs try and wack political leaders so everybody has to undergo background checks…. then I have to lose my gun rights because liberal rat politicians… and now they still make us jump through hoops to protect our loved ones… right… sounds fair.. I’ll just wait 5 minutes till the cops show up, maybe the home invaders will like some coffee. Yeah, we can all sit on the couch and watch the fooseball players kneel. What in the actual heck is wrong with our country right now? Did I miss something?

    • What is actually wrong with our nation?

      For starters, mild-mannered decent people are mild-mannered and decent to a fault.

      Second of all, a LOT of people have no timeless, transcendent standard of right and wrong.

      I will leave it at that for now.

  9. Gun control is so BS. Same ppl named PLANNED PERANTHOOD. Is that a nice name, its really Plan Baby Killing period. Same rules, same ppl. Sicko’s……

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