While there are a handful of left-handed AR-15s on the market, there are precisely zero southpaw gas-piston ARs available. Well, until now. Adams Arms has just released a lefty bolt carrier for its piston kits. It’s compatible with any left-ejecting AR-15 upper receiver and any of AA’s existing piston kits.

At the moment, though, the carrier doesn’t appear to be available separately. AA is selling it with their P Series Adjustable Micro Gas Block for $359.99 or with their P Series Micro Gas Block for $274.99.

My go-to upper since 2012 has been an Adams Arms piston system, and I have nothing but good things to say. It’s reliable, clean, and accurate. Last week we saw a base model variant hold up pretty well to IV8888’s abuse. So, this is good news for lefties!

In other news, basically everything on the Adams Arms website is 10% off for the Labor Day weekend.

6 Responses to New From Adams Arms: Left-Handed Piston Bolt Carriers

  1. By the grace of God I was not born with that particular birth defect.

    That said, by the time one invests nearly $300 into a piston plus the bits for a side charging handle AR upper, they’ve spoiled the best part an AR 15, the price.

    I’d rather have a stock Mustang than a Honda Civic suped to the same speed. I’d rather have a Daewoo K2 or CZ Bren than a higher priced AR with the same features

    • “they’ve spoiled the best part of an AR15, the price.”
      No kidding. Being on a limited budget, I’d like one MSR both the wife and I could enjoy. My choices are:
      Regular AR15. Cheap, readily available and strictly right-handed – but she’ll love it.
      Left-handed AR15. Less cheap, less available and now strictly left-handed – and she’ll hate it.
      So now I’m left with various much more expensive but ambidextrious options – Steyr AUG, IWI Tavor, FN PS90, etc.

  2. Being a left-handed person, I must say that this is a product looking for a use. While I absolutely detested the A1 models of the M-16/AR-15 ilk for their propensity to throw brass into my right earlobe/ eyeglasses, I find that the current brass deflectors do their job just fine, thank you. I also have zero issues with the stock charging handle favoring use of the left hand. As for the safety, there are ambi switches galore available in the market.
    Having spent all our lives adapting to a (wrong) handed world, having a left-ejecting AR is simply not that high on many a southpaw’s priorities at the moment. And yup, I already have quite *a few* AR’s in the safe. And not one of them ejects on the “right” side. Thanks for playing. Try again.

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