You probably thought this was National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Nope…not around these parts in the 9th month on the 19th day. Instead, we want to wish a happy 9mm Day to the 9x19mm, 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum (“para bellum” meaning “prepare for war” in Latin), 9mmP, 9mm NATO, 9×19, simply the “9mm,” the dreaded .9mm favored by the MSM, or whatever you prefer to call it.

Most of these photos are from TTAG’s Instagram page, which you should totally follow.

32 Responses to Happy 9mm Day!

  1. Yes! Happy 9MM Day!

    Nice pics : ) I scrolled thru and said

    w a i t

    how did the GLOCK get in there…? 🙂

    Only thing nicer is the sound of empty cases bouncing off concrete.

  2. 9×19 day, man, I am still getting over all the free vodka from celebrating 9-18 yesterday, party with the Makarovs! Not colluding with the Russians….At least not officially.

  3. I went to your instagram page (I have never seen instagram before) to see what those copper pentacle bullets were. First, does the page ever end I felt like I was really being teased there. What was the wood on that Nighthawk 1911. That was like Zoolander-Magnum beautiful.

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