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Have you ever wanted to own a fully-automatic pistol or rifle, but didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars? With the AutoGlove, you can now experience simulated full-automatic rates of fire with virtually all of your semi-automatic pistols, semi-automatic rifles, and semi-automatic shotguns without modifying or attaching anything to your firearm.

The AutoGlove can be ordered in a variety of colors and configurations. Depending on the model selected, the AutoGlove can be ordered with a pre-programmed configuration for single shot, double tap, 3-round burst, or mag dump (or any combination to suite your need). The AutoGlove can also be ordered with firing rates ranging from 600 to 1000 rounds per minute.  

Unlike bumpfire products on the market, the AutoGlove isn’t limited to just one firearm. It can work on almost any semi-automatic firearm whether it’s a rifle, pistol, or shotgun. And it doesn’t require the owner to replace or attach anything to their firearms.

Now you can have a simulated Glock 18, or turn your AR into your very own simulated machine gun without any government approval or $200 tax stamp. Since the AutoGlove doesn’t attach or modify the firearm in any way, those living in the overly restricted states of California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts can also enjoy all the fun of simulated full-auto fire!    

Starting August 1st, the AutoGlove will be open to the public for orders and can be purchased at www.AutoGloveUSA.com

The AutoGlove can be delivered in either a synthetic or leather glove, and in either a tactical or sporting configuration. The AutoGlove incorporates a patented trigger assist device (TAD) designed to assist the shooter in manipulating the trigger on a variety of consumer products including your semi-automatic firearms. The TAD enables the shooter to pull the trigger at a faster, controllable, and predetermined rate of fire, even if the shooter has a disability that may otherwise prevent them engaging the trigger. 

​The AutoGlove is made in the USA with US parts and machinery and comes with a limited warranty. With safe and proper use, it’s designed to create hours of fun and excitement for you and your friends on your next shooting adventure!

98 Responses to NEW ‘AutoGlove’ Allows Simulated Full-Auto Fire for Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns

    • I first saw one of those in the mid-1970s, I think.
      Turn any semi auto rifle into a hand cranked Gatling Gun for $9.99….

      • I picked up one of those hand crank things at Cabelas a while back for $20 for kicks and giggles. It’s a BMF Activator. It works pretty good, I’ve used it on a Savage 64, 10/22 and 15-22. Supposedly you’re not supposed to use them on anything bigger than a .22, like say, an AR or M1 but I couldn’t possibly comment on that…other than to say that I’m positive it works on them too!

    • This may skirt ATF rules on the theory that it’s not a part of the firearm itself and thus doesn’t fall under their jurisdiction. It certainly violates the spirit of the regulations, but whether or not it violates the letter is a different matter.

  1. Not sure if this is real or not, but pretty cool how when the blonde chick fired the pistol round 2 was, oh, a wee bit higher than round 1

  2. Is this for real ? I don’t get what the need for it would be. It’s big and bulky and would take time to put on and get in position. I’ll pass.

        • Sorry, but I’m on his side. Shooting is fun. Acting like everything should have a tactical application or it’s stupid is, well, stupid.

          I used to have one of those trigger cranks back in the day (this is not a euphemism), and it was lots of fun. Slide Fire stocks sell like hotcakes, so maybe this “AutoGlove” will find a market as well.

        • That’s fine. He’s entitled to his opinion as am I. But he doesn’t need to be a fucking dick about it.

  3. I can’t believe they included the clip from blue finger nails with a bad grip shooting rounds up in the air because she couldn’t control the recoil.I can’t believe that this is legal in the US, much less California. but I must admit it would be handy in a riot.

  4. Just wasted five minutes of my life on the linked website – if this isn’t a joke, I’ll kiss RF.

  5. Hah! That’s actually a clever out around full auto law. It’s moving your finger to make you shoot faster. And you could probably adjust the RPM rate to about anything with the rig adjustment. It’s probably just calibrated to one setting for the same of compatibility.

    Let’s see if we can combine this with a binary trigger AR and see if we can melt a barrel or two. 😛

    • It’s not moving their finger, their finger isn’t in the trigger guard at all. They use their thumb to press a button which drives a motor attached below the trigger finger. The motor is inside the trigger guard.

      This doesn’t circumvent the Machine Gun law as it is a device which enables more than 1 fire per trigger pull – this trigger being the button for the glove. They’ve literally designed an illegal machine gun to sell to people that don’t know the laws.

      • This doesn’t circumvent the Machine Gun law as it is a device which enables more than 1 fire per trigger pull – this trigger being the button for the glove.

        No, the trigger on the gun is still the trigger.

  6. This is pretty awesome! I looked at the website and I’m also glad to see we still have some pro-gun students still in college! Way to go guy! Can’t wait to see it in production!

  7. That thing needs a bit more work on the safety aspects. I suggest an interlocking device held in the shooter’s teeth so that the rapid fire action only happens if he holds his tongue just right.

  8. I read the site and it says it’s best with a 3.5lb or less trigger pull. Quite a bit less than an ARs milspec trigger pull.

  9. Sling mount to top rail for . . . her pleasure?

    UPSIDE – the glove will surprise you every time (even if you are an Auto-Glove stunt person).

    Why do you need the glove, and do they come in mittens?

    Sponsored Content sometimes rocks.

  10. “Designed to create hours of fun and excitement on your next shooting adventure”

    Just how much ammo do these people think their potential customers have? More like 3 minutes and done, immediately followed by a cigarette.

    • First thing that occurred to me – Ammo companies should be giving these away with every order of 1,000 rounds or more.

      Second thing that occurred to me: Why didn’t they show this being used with a semi-auto 12 gauge? That would have been a hoot with the blond chick

  11. If you hold the weapon over your head on your upturned palm and let go of the grip while firing, you can do the “360 degrees of death” mag dump.

  12. What is does is obvious – makes any law about full auto ridiculous, same as a binary trigger. It’s another answer to those who think they can restrict or outlaw certain feature – human ingenuity will overcome no matter what.

    Now, do you need one? Maybe not. I don’t see them being real popular with Fish and Game. Then again, nobody needed to buy Thompsons thru the mail shipped directly to their ranch in the 1930’s, either. Or did they? You could, the point is who is somebody to say that you can’t?

    You aren’t my supervisor, got that? Ok, now that we understand the real intent of the 2A, will this do what you need it to do when you need a lot of ammo downrange?

    Herd of hogs tearing up your garden, lawn, or crops? They recommended the Thompson for varmints back then, coyotes taking down sheep and calves were taking serious money – and food – out of your hands.

    Stuck on the roof with some other guys wearing white head bands shooting at looters burning their stores? I think one mag would about clear the street in seconds. You weren’t planning to wait for the cops were you? They can and will retreat, stall, whatever – even when outside the door of your nightclub. Wait for hours. You are on your own.

    We could go on, in this day and age of sociological warfare where a certain political group is pushing the boundaries to see how far things can go – they don’t care one bit about your safety and security. You don’t need to have an exotic weapon or special stamp, just leave the glove where you need it and when things ramp up beyond single fire you now have a workable option.

    We read about this happening every week now, stop sticking your head in the sand.

  13. Love the aerial view of the walk out to the target finish. : )

    That guy’s thinking, “damn, I’m an O P E R A T O R”

    Should be asking himself how many rounds did I shoot, and where did they go. . . : )

  14. So… hooking up a motor inside a drill to your gun = illegal. Hooking up a servo motor to a glove and putting it inside your gun = legal?

    While interesting and looks like it could be fun, this strikes me as something that will be specifically banned pretty quickly. Like a drill, you’ll still be able to buy it (I doubt it will get recalled, so the company will make some good money with these) but you won’t be able to use it in conjunction with a firearm.

    • Because a drill motor concept has part of it attached to the gun it is illegal – Because this glove has nothing attached to the gun=legal- until big brother decides to make it an NFA item.

      • All ATF has to do is declare that it’s a part to turn a gun into a machine gun, thereby making it in and of itself a machine gun.

        Gotta love how the law says even a little tiny sear is a machine gun because it can be used to make another gun into one. By that logic, so would countless other objects.

    • I’m thinking this hasn’t even gotten ATF approval. It seems like this is more than just a bump fire stock or binary trigger. Not to mention the gimmicky item itself, bulk, set up, and batteries. I’m good.

    • I don’t think the ATF will allow this. First of all, the very last few seconds of the video show something inserted in the trigger guard that actuated the trigger. ATF could consider that a remotely operated firearm which the ATF forbids. Second, ATF will probably extend the concept that YOU (a human being) have to press the trigger one time for one shot in order to qualify for semi-automatic. Anything else that makes the gun fire more than once for a single press of your finger on the trigger is a no-go as well according to the ATF.

  15. I’m conflicted. Torn between the giggle factor and the “dear, WTF did I just find in your “range pants”?

  16. Eh, if the BATFE bans it (and they probably should based on what I just saw), they have to remove 2 other regulations. Autoglove for the WIN!

    • It appears to carefully navigate around the NFA laws and restrictions. Congrats to the Vanderbilt University students (according to their website) that are behind this project! I wish them the best success!

      • Despite the fact that you are a painfully obvious marketing plant (stay in school kid, you’ll hopefully learn how to be more subtle), the law school kids who you ran it by need to look at ATF rulings, not the law.

        You may think yourselves smart, and may be. But not very savvy.

        The ATF interprets laws and rules as they want, when they want. As soon as you have an ATF compliance letter, then you can strain your arms jerkin’ each other off. Until which point, you couldn’t pay me to own one. There’s a half a dozens gambits the ATF can use to claim this is a machine gun. Perhaps someone’s dad is well-connected, and this somehow slides through without money in wheelbarrows being transferred to grown-up lawyers, who know how the law really works.

  17. This seems like one of the better bumpfire accessories on the market. Real plus being able to work on pistols and rifles

  18. I have the crank bump thingy on my PC40. It has been for over a year.
    No place (indoor range) will let me try it though down here.
    But rent a full auto……….no problem???
    Soooooooo what good would a motorised glove that might do the same thing do for me here???

  19. Looks like miniature crank stuck on your forefinger. NOPE.
    I would rather have Jerry M. teach me to fire fast.
    He can give full auto a run for the money with just a semi auto.

        • Actually if you were informed about the product and it’s creator it was created by a Vanderbilt University student. This kids goin places.

        • Vanderbuilt is about old money and connections – or, being the chosen race of the week for “diversity”, despite horrible sub-par test scores, and grades.

          The world is replete with horrible ideas that came from all the Ivys. Ideas that are soooo stupid, you have to be incredibly smart to think for a second they could work.

  20. ATF already ruled many years ago that a motor attached to any crank trigger device like a BMF Activator is a machine-gun. Possibly this is legal because the motorized crank is not attached to the gun.

  21. Who invents these names? First there was MAXFLO, which sounds like prostate medicine. Now there’s AutoGlove, which sounds like something you’d find in a sex shop.

  22. I like their FAQs:

    1. How is this legal?

    Well, for one, its a glove. Second, the guys and gals behind this project carefully studied the Federal Gun Laws, to include the National Firearms Act of 1934 (26 U.S.C. Chapter 44) and The Firearms Protection Act of 1986 / National Firearms Act (26 U.S.C Chapter 53), and published BATFE Policy Interpretations. The idea is not to thumb our nose at the Federal Government, our intent is to comply with the existing laws and make an accessory that can be used on firearms (since our product was submitted for patent for various products to include firearms) and create a fun experience for the shooter. Note, the AutoGlove does not replace any training or traditional means of firing a firearm (unless disability necessitates such use), it is simply an accessory that can be used to make shooting more enjoyable.

    All existing products on the market today “attach” something to the firearm. The AutoGlove does not attach anything to the firearm. Everything in the AutoGlove is self contained in and on the glove. Once the ATF said a drill motor was outlawed when attached to the gun. Again, nothing is attached to the gun.

    The ATF previously stated that a motor attached to the gun with a switch, when activated, began a firing sequence until the shooter let up on the switch. The switch in effect became the trigger and was outlawed. The AutoGlove on the other hand can be activated and deactivated when inside the trigger guard without firing the gun. The beauty of the AutoGlove is that the shooter still must make micro trigger activation’s with their finger by taking up the slack of the trigger with the Trigger Assist Device (TAD) and then once the slack is taken up, the TAD can assist with firing the gun. The shooter can either remove their from the gun to stop firing or release the TAD button. So a physical input of the trigger finger is always required unlike previous products that attempted to do what we are doing.

    Bottom line, nothing on the gun is changed, unless you lighten the trigger for faster performance, but that’s perfectly legal. And nothing is attached to the gun. The glove is used to assist the shooter in firing the semi-auto gun at a faster rate and a single trigger pull will only fire one round down range. And with the AutoGlove activated, with the switch depressed, nothing happens unless the shooter pulls the trigger with their finger and when the shooter lets up pressure on the trigger, the firing stops, even with the AutoGlove activated.

    • Dude, you’re obviously a shill for the company that makes this crap. At least use a few different accounts or something to make it less obvious. And maybe try not to be so “helpful”. We’re not idiots, you know.

  23. Lol go to 0:54 in the video. See what happened? Poor editing skills I guess. I woulda chopped the video there.

      • There are people in the world who were alive before the internet was available to the masses. (Lots of them). They are people who didn’t grow up on a steady diet of mediocre videos hacked together, or having just about given up any care for grammar, punctuation, or spelling. There are people who expect more than 140 characters.

        Personally, I didn’t see the big error. But you will be judged by the media you create.

  24. So basically, a prosthesis with a servo motor…. Don’t want to be in the next lane at the range when some yahoo puts this thing on, and it gets it stuck between the trigger and guard. Oops, “sorry for your loss”.

    First time I see one of these things at a range anywhere near me, I’m grabbing my shit and finding cover.

  25. I’ve got a better idea…. a glove with an embedded TENS circuit to cause your trigger finger to twitch back and forth at a prescribed rate! 😀

  26. Nothing like good old yankee ingenuity. Good to see we still have free thinkers with futuristic ideas. This new Autoglove invention will be a prototype of a new weapon system some day!! I say good job! Made in the USA!

  27. Show us the ATF Firearms technology Branch letter telling the makers it is approved for sale. Otherwise its a crap shoot if you buy one now

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