We wonder if Danny gets the whole EDC concept. Be that as it may, nice rifle. See all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .

30 Responses to Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Danny Burgess

  1. Actually that looks like the daily carry of someone traumatized from reading “One Second After.”

        • The third book tied everything up. If you want reasons why sh!t went south real bad, read it.
          “The Final Day”

        • I did not know there was a third one.

          Now I do, and I have snagged it. Thanks!

        • I just got two and three on Audible. The first book did change my behavior. My car is lightly loaded with the first part of the first book in mind. Enough stuff to make me useful to where ever I end up stuck. If I didn’t have need of high mileage for my delivery job, I might have started driving my 71′ Chevy more. I don’t think a Carter AFB has many electronic components.

  2. nothing exciting here, it’s just a range bag for his trip out “shootin’ on the farm”. Far from EDC

  3. People, what is with all of the negative vibes? Maybe Danny just has really, really big pockets.

  4. I love guns and POTG. If this is actually Danny’s EDC loadout, I don’t want to live next door to Danny.

    Kookie McFukinNutbag.

    • To be fair, it’s this site that appends “pocket dump” to Everyday Carry – but still, a bit overkill for a single range day as described by the dude, and by that acknowledgement not an everyday carry ?

  5. The operative phrase in this exercise is “EVERY DAY CARRY”.
    Or “Every day the coolest stuff I have in my safe”.

    Really not that complicated guys.

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