Almost exactly a year ago, Smith & Wesson — now known as American Outdoor Brands — acquired Crimson Trace, the leading maker of gun-mounted lasers and related equipment. Now, Crosman Corporation — best known for their air guns and archery gear, among other products — has announced the acquisition of LaserMax.

8 Responses to Crosman Corporation Announces the Acquisition of LaserMax

  1. Crosman makes some awesome airguns with their Benjamin Marauder series. More accurate than most of the firearms that I own.

  2. I love my crimson trace lasergrips!
    I have them on all 4 of my handguns
    It allows me to fire from the hip without bringing the gun up to eye level
    I have also practiced using them to shoot at targets while running away
    I can actually make hits while running!

  3. If they start making guide rod lasers again I’m happy.

    BTW, rather miffed that this article contains no information additional to the headline.

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