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Have you ever wanted to own a fully-automatic pistol or rifle, but didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars? With the AutoGlove, you can now experience simulated full-automatic rates of fire with many of your semi-automatic pistols, semi-automatic rifles, and semi-automatic shotguns without modifying or attaching anything to your firearm.

The AutoGlove can be ordered in a variety of colors and configurations. Depending on the model selected, the AutoGlove can be ordered with a pre-programmed configuration for single shot, double tap, 3-round burst, or mag dump (or any combination to suite your need). The AutoGlove can also be ordered with firing rates ranging from 600 to 1000 rounds per minute.  

Unlike bumpfire products on the market, the AutoGlove isn’t limited to just one firearm. It can work on almost any semi-automatic firearm whether it’s a rifle, pistol, or shotgun. And it doesn’t require the owner to replace or attach anything to their firearms. 

Now you can have a simulated automatic pistol, or turn your AR into your very own simulated machine gun without any government approval or $200 tax stamp. Since the AutoGlove doesn’t attach or modify the firearm in any way, those living in the overly restricted states of California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts can also enjoy all the fun of simulated full-auto fire!    

The AutoGlove is now open for orders and can be purchased at www.AutoGloveUSA.com

The AutoGlove can be delivered in either a synthetic or leather glove, and in either a tactical or sporting configuration. The AutoGlove incorporates a patented trigger assist device (TAD) designed to assist the shooter in manipulating the trigger on a variety of consumer products including your semi-automatic firearms. The TAD enables the shooter to pull the trigger at a faster, controllable, and predetermined rate of fire, even if the shooter has a disability that may otherwise prevent them engaging the trigger. 

​The AutoGlove is made in the USA with US parts and machinery and comes with a limited warranty. With safe and proper use, it’s designed to create hours of fun and excitement for you and your friends on your next shooting adventure!

50 Responses to NEW ‘AutoGlove’ Allows Simulated Full-Auto Fire for Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns

    • I clicked the link for the web site and it looks real, costs $300 and have been sold in about a half dozen states.

        • I agree, this thing is hokey and a binary trigger can be just as fast. It one practiced with a binary trigger, they could be able to get to a point where they’re nearly as fast as full auto and not jam the trigger up by going too fast.

  1. Pretty sure under current BATFE “rules” that makes the thumb switch the new trigger. I fully expect to read a letter banning this by name in the near future.

    • No, because you can simply move your finger forward to stop firing, while still engaging the thumb switch.

      Your finger is still the trigger.

      • By the same logic, if I put a thumb-actuated tensioner pulley into the shoestring machine gun design, my finger is still the trigger because releasing the index-finger-ring while still holding the thumb-pulley will also cause the gun to stop firing. Such a mechanism would be fundamentally identical to this device, except the the cam is the reciprocating charging handle, not an electric motor.

        Now, you and I both know that neither of these things are machine guns, but that’s not the issue here. The issue is whether BATFE will define “the trigger” (being as the 1934 NFA defines “machine gun” as “…any weapon which shoots, or is designed to shoot, automatically or semiautomatically, more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.”) as some other part of the gun than the actual trigger. The shoestring device fires one shot per pull of the trigger, and so does this thing. Mechanically they’re identical, this one just has an interlock and the cam is “onboard”, so to speak. So why wouldn’t they rule that a thumb switch is the trigger of a machine gun just like they ruled that a key ring is the trigger of a machine gun, or like they would rule that anything you can use to disconnect said key ring is also the trigger of a machine gun?

        On the other hand, if this thing somehow doesn’t get banned by bureaucratic fiat, anyone want to volunteer to get arrested for adding a thumb interlock to the shoestring MG so we can get the whole thing overturned?

      • I’m not familiar with the design, but if the trigger finger really controls it, they could eliminate the thumb switch entirely at the cost of battery life.

      • I’m not familiar with the design, but if the trigger finger really controls firing, they could eliminate the thumb switch entirely at the cost of battery life.

  2. “Honey, I took apart one of your dildos for a project. I ordered another one from Amazon for you. Oh, hey, do you want to join me at the range today?”

  3. The only full auto gun I’d really be interested in is one in .22 LR or 9mm for the obvious reason of ammo cost.

    There are other devices out currently that can simulate full auto fire, but they’re all based around the AR. This glove looks like it can work with any rifle, so a 10/22 or a Glock with Mectech upper could become an imitation machine gun and make for a really, really fun range toy.

    Still, I’d rather have something like a binary trigger or bumpfire stock.

    • > This glove looks like it can work with any rifle…

      COOL! I’ll take one for my Mosin Nagant!*


      *someone had to be the smart ass. I took one for the team.

    • And I forgot to mention, in my state binary triggers are not legal. Law states 1 round per trigger pull. M16 bolt carriers aren’t legal either, because MACHINE GUN!

    • I’m lucky to have my own country range but all the public ranges I know mandate 2 to 3 seconds between trigger pulls/bullets down range.

  4. If a pistol can be redesign into an SBR by the way you use it, a semiauto can be redesigned into a machinegun by the way in which you use it as well.

    • I think the current ATF opinion is that shouldering an arm brace is legit. Tomorrow, that might change.

  5. Testing, disregard if this works….

    For some reason, I’m unable to post on the article below this one regarding informing the police that you’re carrying… tried 3 times, and it just doesn’t show up.

    Yep, seems to have worked. Any reason in particular I can post here, but not on the other article?

  6. How have I made it this far without one of these glove thingys??

    I would hope for abuse, scorn and a possible ass-kicking if I showed up to the range with this thing. Or a rifle that looked like that one in the video.

    • Yeah, it was a few days ago and I still say it’s a hoax until one of you spends hundreds of dollars for a vibrating massage glove and can report if it actually does anything but tingle…

    • Yeah, it’s sponsored content so that means that this glover maker is paying to advertise this thing here. I bet they’re disappointed by the comments thus far. When more than half the comment think your product isn’t real and is some kind of joke you can’t wake up tomorrow with a smile expecting lots of sales.

  7. Need to get one of those in California along with 10 round magazines and having to open the action of your AR to relaod. Would be pretty fun!

  8. I wouldn’t touch one with a 20 foot pole unless they have an ATF approval letter they aren’t telling us about. The fact that everyone else loves to show off the letters for their products and these guys avoid the subject makes me uneasy.

    • +1000. Exactly what I said last time. I almost get the feeling they’re trying to pull an Uber/.AirBnB – do something illegal and hope they establish facts on the ground, before the man knows what’s happening.

      Of course, they could shut us up by simply posting a BATFE approval letter…

  9. I believe our beloved (gag) ATF will state that this glove actuates a firearm robotically and is therefore forbidden.

  10. Next up, combine the auto glove with the smart gun technology and you truly have the worst case scenario. Crap like this scares the crap out of me.

  11. I don’t know what is more upsetting….that the auto glove has made enough money to “sponsor” this content or that TTAG agreed to post it.

  12. Why do I feel like we are turning ourselves into the Borg with this and other gadgets that we attach to our bodies?

  13. The good news is, when (not if) this idiotic contraption fails to sell to the firearms community, it’ll only take a few small tweaks to the design, and they can market it to the “adult novelty” market as the FingerBlaster 5000.

    • Fuck tweaks, make some “attachments” to add on to the Autoglove so that the husband can enjoy it at the range during the day and the wife can enjoy it during the night. They could call the accessory the “Love Glove Bean Flicker” and maybe even a “Prostate Tickler.”

      I love the idea even more now. If the women in male shooters lives knew what else it could do, they’d probably pay the full price instead of going halves.

      • Nah, man, you gotta think about the health aspects of that. There are some places you really don’t want to get lead and gunpowder residue…

        However, the name “Finger Banger” *would* work for both markets.

    • Indeed sir, but don’t forget the oral attachment. That way I won’t have to pretend I’m at the Indy 500 doing countless laps around the same patch of grass :/

  14. Watched a diferent vidio of this with a male shooting an Ar, a male shooting a pistol and a girl shooting a pistol. The guys were able to keep the muzzel prettty much on target but the gal was not able to. Looked like about ever other round went into the air.

  15. So if it works on the go pedal of an AR…hmmm…(looks over at sleeping girlfriend while the light buld flickers and sparks).

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