Michael writes, “I am a medical researcher and spend a lot of time in the bush of West Africa. My African EDC is very different from my U.S. EDC, for obvious reasons. I made this Field Desk so that I can carry paperwork, tools, etc on a shoulder strap should I need to venture from the motorcycle or truck. The firearm is not to use on humans, although it’s presence help keep people honest. It’s used as a last ditch resort against certain smaller wildlife in the event the 12 ga fails.” See it all at Everyday Carry . . .

13 Responses to Everyday Cary Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Michael

    • Okay fine, he does have a moleskine notebook. But that’s a mere counterfeit. I bet it shows in his shooting.

  1. I always carried a small pair of binos when working in Cameroon. A monocular at least. And cannot stress the need for a fixed blade knife enough especially one with ASEK properties as pictured.

  2. I’d find a better knife than the old USN/USAF survival knife. The blade tips break easily and hard to keep a good edge.

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