It’s 10:00 pm and you could just kill for a pizza. And a little extra cash. That’s apparently what one Myrtle Beach, South Carolina yoot was thinking last night when he walked into a pie parlor with a wallet as empty as his stomach (and his head).

When the man at the counter asked what he could get for him . . .

…the suspect then pulled out a magazine for a firearm and pointed at the victim, telling the victim to give him everything he has. The victim then slapped the magazine out of the suspect’s hands.

Not a pistol, just a magazine. Two rounds popped out when the mag hit the linoleum and Dillinger snagged them before disappearing into the night.

Sadly, the report doesn’t indicate whether the failed stick-up was committed with a handgun mag or one for an AR. Either way, look for our friends at Moms Demand Action to classify this as just one more crime committed with a high capacity “assault weapon.”

27 Responses to Stoned, Stupid or Both?: Man Tries to Rob Pizza Joint Armed With a Magazine

  1. I heard on the news last night that a man robbed a bank in Oroville, California (home of the failed dam spillway), but was quickly found and arrested by police–because he was wearing his ankle monitor.

  2. When I read just the headline I’m thinking he used a Playboy or Time or the always evil Guns and Ammo. Then I read the story and I am very glad that he wasn’t armed with a clip. Could have been bad. In New York he’d have been limited to throwing just seven bullets at the counter guy. I feel safer just thinking about that.

    • Apparently the dude behind the counter was not afraid to use his high capacity slap- a- hand, either.

  3. This was so stupid, I had a vision of a magazine when I read it. Like, Time magazine. I truly did not envision a bullet holdy type device until I read the article.

    • The 31 round Glock mags would make a decent impact weapon, but to most folks a large rock would likely be more intimidating and thus more likely to facilitate his robbery attempt. One boggles at the stupidity regularly on public display.

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