Velocity Triggers, makers of high-quality-yet-affordable AR-15 drop-in triggers (reviewed on TTAG here and here), is about to release their replacement trigger for the Remington 700 . . .

The trigger is adjustable from ~3 to 5 lbs pull weight.

Trigger shoes can be swapped easily for ones of different shape and color.

An extremely crisp break is expected, and this trigger delivers there. It felt great. More unique, the bolt can be run even with the safety fully engaged. Whether you’re loading, unloading, or just raising and lowering the bolt handle to cock the striker, it can all be done without disengaging the safety.

Sorry to say, I didn’t catch the planned MSRP, but Velocity should have these on their website pretty soon. TTAG has requested a review sample, which we’ll certainly test on the Dvorak TriggerScan along with a couple others.

5 Responses to New From Velocity Triggers: Remington 700 Trigger Replacement

    • Yes, …and 700-based actions are still very popular in the custom rifle work so there are tons of rifles and actions that take Remington 700-fit triggers.

  1. You guys need to check out the Timney booth and their new Calvin Elite for the remington 700 and ar-15 with its changeable trigger shoes and extra adjustability.

  2. do yourself a favor and put a timney trigger in it and stay as far away from Remington triggers as possible the 700 has been plagued since the 1960’s with defective triggers will actually some of them were quality triggers just unprofessionally installed by Remington. Literally dozens of wrongful death suits from The Walker trigger all the way up into the last 3 triggers put in the Remington 700 all of them suck and are dangerous.

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