Rolling Stone magazine — famous in these parts for spiking a Dan Baum gun article — offers their look at campus carry. ‘Inside the Fight Over Guns on Campus’ is an anti-gun as you’d expect. But — the article starts with a shocking story about a University of Texas-Austin grad student who . . . wait for it . . . carries in class! Like this:

On a sweltering day last August at the University of Texas at Austin, a flock of 30 undergrads are settling into a frigid lecture hall when teaching assistant Nick Roland enters with his crimson-red tee hugging a holstered Glock 23.

Three weeks earlier, Senate Bill 11, also known as “campus carry,” went into effect in Texas, allowing students on 38 public campuses to carry concealed, loaded handguns to class. Roland, 32, is pursuing a Ph.D. in history after a tour in Iraq.

Before that, he was an undergraduate at Virginia Tech in 2007, during the deadliest school shooting in modern history; among the 32 students killed was Roland’s hallmate.

“l’ll never forget that day,” he says. Lean and handsome, with a crop of boyish brown hair, Roland says his gun has led to some tense discussions with grad students, a phone call from a parent and near-unanimous opposition from his colleagues.

His class lecturer, Robert Icenhauer-Ramirez, told me, “I just hope someday the legislature allows guns to be carried into their offices.” (Handguns actually are allowed in the capital building.) But none of this has kept Roland from carrying his gun most days to class, where the title of the course is projected in large letters at the front of the room: CIVIL WAR.

What more needs saying? Well, for Rolling Stone, lots; all of it pretty much what you’d expect. For us? Nothing.

Except this: for exercising his natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms in a setting that’s almost entirely opposed to the practice, UT Teaching Assistant Nick Roland is TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day. You can thank him at the email address above.

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  1. the only thing rsm ever got right was awarding robert plant as best new female vocalist.
    captain hook had his sights set low.
    garbage rag.

  2. Kudos to you, Mr. Roland and good luck on your degree. Despite what your fellow UT associates may think or say, you are quite welcome in Texas and we hope you stick around after you get your PhD.

  3. Mr. Roland, thank you for your service to our country.

    It seems that service is ongoing. I wish you well.

  4. Bravo to you Sir. The history scholar appears to have more direct firearms experience that most between his VT undergrad days and Iraqi tour. Would rather follow his advice than other so-called professors.

  5. Unfortunately he will never finish his PhD. Professors are petty and massive liberals, in order to finish his PhD, he needs to go through his dissertation defense. This means 3 to 4 current PhD’s will have to approve him and his research.

    I work as a professor in a very liberal school, I am a conservative Republican, card-carrying NRA member, I voted for Trump , and I believe in God. Anyone one of those points above which socially disqualify me from getting tenure. So I lie, I go along with the liberal bullshit, I don’t defend my point.

    Many of you will criticize me, call me a hypocrite, say that I have no balls. Yet, I have always had a plan. You see I’m a pragmatist , and I asked myself many years ago how can I make a difference, how can I stop the indoctrination. My answer was to get tenure as a professor whatever it takes, and then after, indroduce my point of view to all students.
    Most students never hear the conservative Republican point of view, they never hear pro-gun guy, all they hear over and over is the liberal bullshit.

    I will get tenure, and I will change the hearts and minds from within !

    unfortunately this brace soul, I feel did not play the game to win the greater victory .

    • Prof. CSY, I admire your determination in such a hostile environment. Having had an analogous experience I understand the episodic pain and frustration involved. It sounds like you have the right attitude to see it through, and I sincerely hope you do. There are many bad things that collectivists have done to our once individualistic national character, but in my opinion the worst is what has happened to our educational institutions that are now much more indoctrination centers. It will take people such as you to fix what’s wrong (on bad days I don’t think that’s possible but most of my days are good ones).

    • “Unfortunately he will never finish his PhD. Professors are petty and massive liberals, in order to finish his PhD, he needs to go through his dissertation defense.”

      I fear that you are right. I retired (i,e., escaped) after a long career in the social sciences where, typically at the various schools where I taught, i was the only conservative. I survived because, in in addition to being conservative, I was also very good at the kind of academic politics that allowed me to grain tenure in a highly politicized environment. Higher ed. has become so toxic, Nick is going to need those skills and more if he is to make it through the grad program and go on to build a career at a university. It will mostly likely prove to be an emotionally wrenching experience but, given his military background, he’s undoubtedly seen a lot worse. I wish him well because I think he’ll make a fine historian.

    • For a multitude of reasons, about a third to half of those who begin Ph.D. studies will end their quest without warning the degree. So the odds aren’t all that great regardless of his politics.

      Still, washing out of graduate school isn’t the same as someone dropping out of college.

      They knew his background when he applied. They wouldn’t have accepted him and awarded him an assistantship and accompanying full tuition waiver just to mess with him for several years.

      Now, getting tenure someplace, or getting hired for a tenure-track position, or rven hired for a faculty position at all, could all be problems. That’s where the real liberal bias and vengeance comes in to crush his ambitions.

    • I don’t necessarily disagree with you. However my experience getting my Master’s at a relatively Conservative college, but with a liberal department, was that I could discuss my views, as long as I brought my evidence to the table. My thesis was defended before two very liberal prof’s and my middle of the road adviser. The reason why scientific method is so important is that if you have your facts, regardless of the outcome of the thesis (proved or disproved) they have little to argue with.

  6. I’m surprised that Rolling Stone didn’t accuse Nick Roland of rape. That commie rag has accused everyone else.

    • is Rolling Stone still operating?? i thought the defamation lawsuit by UVA, a UVA dean, and the fraternity that RS maliciously accused of a brutal gang rape bankrupted that company.

      so far the single returned verdict has been guilty, albeit under appeal.

      The dean was awarded $3M.

      The frat is suing for $25M.

  7. I’m sure the rolling stone writer was disappointed he did not see any female students proudly walking around with strap on dildos at UT Austin. Perhaps they will have another “free speech” event soon for RSM to cover. His next story can then be called “Cocks or Glocks?”

  8. Students for Concealed Carry responded to the original print edition of Rolling Stone’s article with a list of 23 errors and omissions:

    For the online edition, the author and/or editors added notes addressing points number 1, 2, and 17 from SCC’s list and corrected points number 12 and 19. The other 18 points remain unaddressed.

    • The legislative corrections (#s 1, 3, 12) should be slamdunks for a fact checker and would embarrass anyone other than a Rolling Stone propagandist.

  9. Should Nick ever stop an assault on campus the rest of the sheep can thank him right after they change their shorts.

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