Expecting a prohibited person to be responsible with his or her firearm is a bit like expecting a world-class chef to be rail thin. And yet they do exist. Thin chefs, I mean. Responsible gun-owning perps, not so much. For example [via stamfordadvocate.com]:

Officers tracked [Steffon] McDonald to the domestic violence class to serve a warrant for stalking and burglarizing the same woman who made a domestic violence complaint against him in June, police said . . .

Sgt. Robert Shawinisky said officers found the loaded .22 caliber pistol, which was reported stolen in North Carolina, as well as a knife in McDonald’s waistband while arresting him.

“It was kind of scary because the guy has problems and a loaded stolen gun in his waistband,” said Shawinsky, who said officers were surprised to discover the man armed . . .

The gun discovery resulted in additional charges of criminal possession of a firearm, carrying a pistol without a permit, possession of a firearm on school grounds and stealing the .22 caliber revolver.

McDonald was held overnight in lieu of $250,000 court appearance bond.

In his waistband? We all know it’s completely irresponsible to carry a firearm without a holster. Jeesh.

For violating common sense gun safety protocols, and the rest, Mr. McDonald wins TTAG’s not-so-coveted Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day award.

31 Responses to Steffon McDonald: Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day

  1. Just to nitpick (since it’s Sunday night and I’m reading TTAG with a glass of Bourbon)…

    If the gun was stolen, is he really the *owner*?

  2. I dunno, TTAG. This one is a bit of a stretch. One would think that the IGOTD should have to be the LAWFUL owner of the firearm in question. This ass-hat isn’t. Also (for those who hadn’t noticed), IGOTD contains three letters also within the word “IDIOT”, which explains why I sometimes get the the two confused.

  3. Huh…previous violator of the law, violates additional laws…almost like he has no respect for the law.

    I wonder what the rehab success rate is for violent felons? Same as pulling a turd from the bowl and shining it into something a saleable?

    • Depends. If you’re trying to do business with a progressive that turd may sell. You may get grant money to study energy efficient methods of polishing that turd.

      Normal folks. Not so much.

      • Mythbusters demonstrated that you can indeed polish poop.
        They weren’t allowed to say “turd” on the air.

      • He was only there, at school, trying to improve his-self and da PoPo come in and arrest ‘dim ….

  4. Rimfire for a carry, that is just low budget. Maybe he thought it was a domestic violence shooting class.

  5. Granted, any bullet can be lethal, but I’m more concerned about the knife. Why no mention beyond “oh yeah, and he had a blade too” by the police?

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