Unfortunately, this video doesn’t contain the money shot. But we can assume that the lack of reports on Mr. Sampson’s untimely demise indicates that the Canadian-born Australian (how anti-gun rights is that?) is alive and well. What do you expect from a guy who did a solo ascent on Everest? As for underwater ballistics . . .

I’d like to point out that there are plenty of underwater guns. Guns that fire flechettes rather than bullets. And then there’s this stuff [via Wikipedia.org]:

The Multi-Environment Ammunition (MEA) series supercavitating rifle ammunition, developed and marketed by DSG [Norway’s Defence & Security Group] is anticipated to be useful for certain special operations, including underwater warfare . . .

The ballistic characteristics of MEA series ammunition allows the user to fire at an underwater target from above the water, or an above-the-water target from underwater, or from underwater at a target which is also underwater.

This ammunition allows the user to fire from above the surface into the water at a very low angle of incidence—in some cases as low as two degrees—without ricochet. After entering the water, the bullet will continue its original trajectory. The user when aiming the gun needs to compensate for the refractive index of the water (roughly 1.333 for fresh water at 20 °C).

MEA series supercavitating ammunition is currently available in the following calibers:

5.56×45mm NATO (accurate range of 15 meters underwater)
7.62×51mm NATO (accurate range of 25 meters underwater)
General Purpose
Dual Core
Armor Piercing
12.7x99mm NATO (.50 BMG, accurate range of 60 meters underwater)
Super Sniper Tactical
Dual Core

FWIW Ursula was killed above water by the prow of a ship. Here’s hoping the sequel will show up on IMFDB.

Or someone remakes Thunderball with cooler guns.

7 Responses to Ariel is Safe from Gun Violence! Or Not . . . Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

  1. Ok I’m in Oregon not home in Australia currently but if ABC tv is showing this it will be slanted as left wing and anti gun as possible. Our version of pbs

  2. Not all Australians are anti gun. We do have a sizeable hunting, sporting, and competitive firearms culture. And despite the wishes of the anti gun groups, we are actually growing in numbers. And this annoys the anti gun groups no end.

  3. I don’t think “point blank range” means what he thinks it means.

    And he’s praying to not get “a rouge bullet”.

    I would think a “rouge bullet” would be unstable and therefore have a lot more drag, staying even further away from him…

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