Alan Esworthy was last week’s winner. If you’re witty enough to catch our eye with a caption for the pic above, you’ll receive a 50-round box of CapArms .223 60 gr. V-Max ammunition. Just enter your best work in the comments by midnight Sunday. Good luck.

50 Responses to Weekend Photo Caption Contest – Win a Box of CapArms .223 Target + Match Ammo

  1. River Song encountered the Vashta Nerada once before, resulting in her current, more “mature” regeneration.

  2. Betty Grable- “Sure, my legs are world-famous- but I think we can all agree my guns are pretty impressive too!”

    • JWM wins it again.

      Hey, TTAG, how about making it you can only win once in a 6-month timeframe?

      It’s rough trying to out-funny JWM and Ralph…

  3. “Gentlemen up on the stage is Lucy-Sue she is single, She caught her husband short stroking his shotgun and had enough.”


    “With guns like that who needs an ass”

  4. Don’t these picture games usually involve a gun? I don’t see any and I have been staring at those legs for twenty minutes now trying to find some.

  5. After practicing for a good half hour, the new blonde deputy learned to yell “Reach for the sky!” without raising her own hands.

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