Mark calls this his Sunday walkabout carry. With a light, a bland and a very pocketable tilt-barrel Beretta, he should be able to walk about just about all day long. See his gear at Everyday Carry . . .

21 Responses to Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Mark

    • The dollar I don’t really get either, I see stuff here that I figure is sentimental and I guess that this is one of those things.

      The creme on OTOH, well it depends on what his job is. I carried stuff like that when I spent all day TIG welding because that occupation will torch your hands. Your knuckles and cuticles will turn dry as the Sahara when you spend 12 hours shifts doing that kind of work.

      • Could be the same way some folks carry an ounce coin of gold, the density of it makes it kinda fun to to fondle and flip about in the pocket…

  1. Lucky coin, year his Dad was born, secrete way to ID Himself to other members of a clandestine organization ? We’ll never know …..

  2. Clearly its a token of a particular size and weight that he uses to make sure he is not in the dream world.

  3. All this focus on a coin and his withered cuticles.
    I’m loving the Beretta 950BS! Got one just like it, damn fun lil’ pipsqueak of a pistol… surprisingly accurate too.

  4. I always carried a dime to make an emergency phone call, but that was in the last days of disco.

  5. Wish I hadn’t sold my Beretta Jetfire/950 years ago. It’s a surprisingly accurate, easy to fire little .25. Plus, if you’re going to carry a .25, you best carry one that holds 9 rounds.

    My Seecamp .32 is like a fine pocketwatch, though. The Beretta doesn’t really compete.

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