You have to be equipped for just about anything when you’re an “evil overlord and button pusher.” As Lord Justin says, “Aside from my leather messenger bag with my non-defensive edc items, this is what I carry around on my body for defensive purposes.” See everything he carries at Everyday Carry . . .


26 Responses to Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Justin Mullinix

    • Passport for some reason: check

      Forget having a lawyer on speed dial – just skip the country if you’re involved in a DGU!

      • Hey, the fingerless tactical gloves are a very useful thing. I use mine as a combination golf / shooting glove. They work great.

        • Alright, I’ll give you that. But do you carry them everywhere? I have to wonder if this guy is planning on ducking into an alley when trouble starts and coming out with the gloves on, a baton in one hand, the Bersa in the other, and a throwing knife in his teeth.

        • My inlaws actually gave me one of those flashlights in my xmas stocking. (I’m 31 they’re sweet) For the money, that thing is as bright as the $250 Streamlight I have on the M&P I use for my house gun.

    • “This is up there for one of the dumber ones.”

      You skipped the real clue, that he considers himself an “evil overlord”.

      Actual Evil Overlords don’t take kindly to “button-pusher” posers…


        • It is, some people thought it was all too real and that says something about the EDC crowd. In hindsight, I should be carrying another glock 26 around my neck in a mexican holster, a small fire extinguisher strapped to my leg, and two under arm knives.

          The EDC meme pretty much died a few years ago on 4chan.

    • I have had all three and only the diplomatic one is worth anything. The official and regular are just good to id you as a prime target. At least the diplomatic lets you skip inspections.

    • Maybe just to pass the time. Some of my fondest memories as a Boy Scout involve launching my sheath knife at an unsuspecting log.

    • Sure, there’s a little extraneous crap in there, like the throwing knives. But the Bersa is a great little firearm, and the baton is great for those cases where a firearm is too much.

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