Retiree Dave says these are his consistent every day essentials. We’d guess this gear should fix him pretty well for just about anything he’s likely to encounter. See it all at Everyday Carry . . .

11 Responses to Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Dave

  1. I really like NAA revolvers in concept, but my biggest issue with them is the barrel length. That’s a lot of unburned powder (and therefore, unused energy) coming out the end of that tiny barrel, even for realitively small mouse guns like 22 LR and 22 magnum.
    Could their 22 short revolver give similar ballistics to a 22 LR if used with modern ammo? Or you could just circumvent this issue with the NAA Hog Leg, a 22 magnum micro-revolver with a six inch barrel.

  2. “Retiree” Dave says….I would prefer my SCCY not be in the ankle holster as “backup” and am trying out a couple of alternatives now that would allow better access. As far as the NAA, I carry CCI Mini-Mag 36 grain HP as a result of reading the Shooting The Bull test of .22 LR. Thanks for the comments!

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