Hoppe’s has gone tactical! The company claims their Black line of cleaners and lubricants can withstand temperatures ranging from -65°F to 540°F. So operators operating operationally seeking optimum operationalness can now do so in Chicago’s winter wonderland or Texas’ searing summer without changing gun lube. Price not specified. Here’s the presser:

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas – January 13, 2017 – Hoppe’s, the best-known name in gun care products, releases a new high-performance line of cleaners and lubes designed specifically for the needs of modern shooters. The formulations in Hoppe’s Black line deliver maximum performance in high-round count, gas-operated firearms such as pistols and modern sporting rifles.

“High-performance firearms deserve high-performance protection, and Hoppe’s Black delivers,” said Hoppe’s Product Manager Laurie Kokoruda. “The Hoppe’s Black formula is designed for MSRs and other high-volume firearms, but will work with any gun.”

Designed to withstand a wide range of temps from -65°F to 540°F, Hoppe’s Black will prepare and maintain modern firearms in any situation. The premium line is comprised of a Gun Cleaner, Precision Oil, Copper Cleaner, Grease Syringe and Lubricating Cloth. The molecular composition of each differs for maximum performance and delivers a superior clean and temperature range.

Hoppe’s, a Vista Outdoor brand, serves shooters of all disciplines, offering gun care products that meet the rigorous standards established more than 110 years ago. For more information visit www.hoppes.com/black.

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  1. The real question is, have they fixed their issue of the bottles not sealing and leaking all over if stored sideways or knocked over?

    • This! Love their products, but this this this!

      So sick of wiping up oil, and my wife getting angry because, “your gun juice spilled again and it smells!”

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