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Question of the Day: Do You Have The Right Carry Gun? (Send A Picture of Your Self-Defense Target!)

When it comes to choosing an everyday carry gun (EDC), there are a lot of variables: type of action, ease of concealment, reliability, ergonomics, caliber, recoil, style, cleaning ease and more. How do you know if you’re carrying the right gun? Gun guru David Kenik reckons you should carry a gun with which you can put a lot of rounds downrange quickly and accurately while on the move. Simple enough, right? So here’s the test . . .

Stand ten yards from a standard paper plate (8.5″ – 9″). Empty your gun as fast as you can while maintaining a modicum of accuracy. If you can move while shooting, do so. If not, not. Send a JPEG of your EDC sitting on the perforated plate to [Put PAPER PLATE in the subject bar.] Tell us whether or not you were static or moving when shooting, how many rounds you shot, and how many hit the plate. We’ll pick an entry at random and send the winner 200 rounds of 9mm or .45.