Gun Control Advocates Call on Donald Trump to Champion Universal Background Checks, No-Fly No-Buy and Repeal The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. No Really.

Today is the day after the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook slaughter. Gun control advocates — who consider the school shooting a “watershed moment” in their crusade for civilian disarmament — gathered in DC to wave the bloody shirt in honor of defenseless Americans gunned down by mass shooters.

In the video above, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal joined the families of people killed by “gun violence” calling on President Trump to mandate federal universal gun registration (a.k.a., universal background checks), create a No-Fly No-Buy law for citizens on the FBI’s terrorist and revoke The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (which shields the firearms industry from liability for criminal use of their products).


“These are your ideas Donald,” Senator Blumenthal wrongly opines from somewhere out in left field. “We’ll give you credit for them.”

Although The Donald supported No-Fly No-Buy during his campaign — until the NRA’s spinmeisters set him straight — Blumenthal’s assertion that this disarmament platform was Mr. Trump’s idea is as credible as suggesting that President Obama was the chief architect of the open carry movement. I guess Senator Blumenthal was joking. Not even gun control advocates could be that delusional, right?