Unfortunately Andrey, who’s from Kiev, didn’t name the revolver he carries. The good news is that given the knowledgable readership around here, we’ll probably have a positive ID in about three minutes. Check out everything else Andrey carries at Everyday Carry . . .

23 Responses to Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Andrey Shestak

  1. The grip is cool and that’s a nice, simple and refreshingly tasteful gentleman’s EDC. I wish you could still find pocket watches with a old school face like that… well I wish I could.

  2. I can’t identify the revolver, but trauma pistols are popular over there. They’re firearms that are only able to shoot less-lethal rubber projectiles. They usually have a bump in the bore that only a rubber bullet can squeeze by. I have no idea if it’s a real one or a trauma pistol.

  3. I have a pocket watch. It’s called a cell phone. 😉 I actually have an old pocket watch that my grandfather used to carry but never could see the point in carrying it other than for nostalgia.

    • But not quite. It has the charter arms style of cylinder latch, but no bulldog, or similar, that I’ve seen has that type of sight setup. My money is on some type of European rubber bullet gun, or what we might just all call a starter pistol.

  4. Safari 431M (RF-431M) is the name of the revolver, the labels just got screwed up. It seems to be a Flobert revolver in caliber 4mm Randz Long

    • No, this is a 4mm Flobert revolver, Safari RF-431M – it’s in the original post, just over the knife instead of the gun.

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