This week on the podcast I’m joined by my wife to discuss Bob Dylan, hunting, shooting guns, and being nice. As always, leave your questions in the comments section so I can research them for next week.

4 Responses to Tuesday Evening Podcast – November 8, 2016

  1. “This week on the podcast I’m joined by my wife to discuss Bob Dylan,…”


    (Just what is it with today’s kids, anyways?)

  2. Good stuff. Sharing a moment or having a kinship with the animals we may kill and consume is something I don’t think a lot of hunters “get”. Sounds like you and your wife “get” it.
    (Good choices in music too)

  3. “it’s remarkable that we’ve been together for 7 years and you could be so wrong about the intention of a facial expression” — Tyler’s wife to Tyler

    LOL. That’s pretty classic.

    I take some issue with your constitutional comments and your immediate suggestion, upon only just kicking off the podcast, that your wife is (or would obviously turn out to be) a better guest than me. Hahaha, bastard. I’m assigning you the next Hi-Point that comes in for review.

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