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24 Responses to Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Mathew Aguilar

  1. The j frame. Truth be told 99% of our gun needs for self defense are met by a .38 revolver.

    Before the hate starts, I’m not mandating a revolver or caliber for anybody. Just speaking a simple truth. Want to cover 100% of your self defense needs. Have a revolver and a shotgun. Simple and more than enough for any non cop or soldier related situation.

    Choice is great. You should be able to walk into any gun store anywhere in America. Buy the weapon of your choice, even full auto, load it and walk out of the store.

    But if your only need was self defense a solid revolver and shotgun covers all bases.

        • I always default to the j frame cause that’s what I have the experience with. I own and use Ruger products but I’ve never used the LCR. It doesn’t jump to mind when I think snubbie.

        • I love the idea of flyweight snubbies, but I almost reflexively wince when I pick one up, knowing my hand is gonna hate me for shooting it…

      • Or spend a little more and get 442 Pro model. The difference: no internal lock, blackened stainless steel cylinder, and cut for moon clips which are included by not required.

  2. Finally an actual pocket dump. I’m tired of seeing full size 1911s, two spare mags, and multiple knives all under “pocket dump.”

    • I am a 72 year old male and I carry a full sized (5 inch barrel) in my front jeans pocket. It is completely hidden and does not print through my clothing. I constantly get my wife to check, not in public, if anything has changed.

    • Too true, man. What kind of magical pockets do some of you bastards have?

      I bought a pocket holster for my LCP and I just can’t do it. I feel like I’ve got a gun in my pocket and I ain’t happy to see nobody.

      • If you wear a suit or even informal slacks instead of jeans, you find that you have much more generous pockets.

        • I tried wearing a suit to my job as a welder/rigger, but my lapels kept getting caught in the lines. Also; slacks on fire.

  3. If you like skinny jeans forget pocket carry. A single credit card will print in a lot of guys jeans these days.

    Pocket carry is like any other type of carry. You may have to make changes to the way you dress.

    • Spare ammo? Light jacket. Speed loader in each pocket will give it the extra weight to sweep jacket aside if carry in holster as well and have easy access.

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