Last week’s champ was AaronW. This week, it could be you. Enter the best caption for this photo by Sunday midnight and you’ll win a new Black Arch Holsters rig for your gun.


80 Responses to Black Arch Holsters Weekend Photo Caption Contest

  1. My greatest fear is that someone will break in and I won’t be able to decide which weapon to shoot them with.

  2. The collection of weapons taken off Cali-Zim over the years. Illegally carried obviously. Fortunately, his former prison guard credentials came in handy.

  3. Before STANAG among law enforcement agencies in the 1920s, officers had wide latitude as to what they could carry on duty.

    • After the U.S. Law Enforcement STANAG of the 1920’s, New York rammed a 7.62mm truncheon down the throats of New England who were proposing a smoother swinging .280 truncheon in a shorter overall length… Thus an intermediate truncheon would not be fielded by a major department for another decade.

  4. Charles had been the doorman in the same building for forty-six years, and damn it, this was the last time they were going to stiff him on his Christmas tips…

  5. Congratulations ladies and gentlemen, these are now all approved by the attorney generals in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the people’s Republic of California. Oh wait that one looks to pointy…

  6. And what we have here is our liberal progressive time capsule. When they outlaw guns due to too much gun violence, we have knifes, when they outlaw those we got clubs. And so on and so forth.

  7. Officer Bob was amazed at the creativity of convicts, but he thought it just goes to show that with enough lube, anything is possible.

  8. Hey y’all,

    Click on that picture to go to the whole gallery, an archive from the Boston P.D.

    In case you think “Police militarization” is a new concept.
    Shoot, they even had an armored “riot car.”

  9. You should have seen the utility belt we had to carry these all in.
    Thank goodness Black Arch came along & got it sorted.

  10. We found all of this in Coolidge’s desk. It seems if you did not get out of his office after the “silent” treatment things might get a bit violent.

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