Gun Review: IWI Galil ACE Rifle

Since making my first AK-47 last year, I’ve become enamored with the weapon’s design and the simplicity of the manufacturing process. Through TTAG and the Dead Goose Society, I’ve had the opportunity to shoot quite a few different Kalashnikov platforms. When the IWI Galil ACE 32 in 7.62×39 arrived at TTAG’s secret above-ground bunker, I […]

Gear Review: KMFJ LLC DA Series Holster

I’m not much of a Kydex guy, but after trying dozens of different manufacturers’ Kydex rigs, I’ve finally found one. It’s the KMFJ LLC DA series of holsters, and it’s sold me on what a quality Kydex holster can be. The reason I haven’t been a Kydex fan has nothing to do with the material itself, but […]

Gun Review: Ithaca M37 Trench Shotgun

Armed forces have welcomed the pump shotgun’s short range firepower and platform versatility since the early trench shotguns used in WWII. Even today, when we have full auto M4s on every soldier and M249 SAWs in every squad, the pump-action shotgun has a place in the modern military. The Ithaca M37 Trench Shotgun, now reproduced by Inland Manufacturing, […]