Last week’s winner was jwm. He’ll be picking out a brand new Black Arch holster for his carry gun. If you’d like one too, enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday at midnight. You’re welcome.


73 Responses to Black Arch Holsters Weekend Photo Caption Contest

  1. Give me this mouse gun and expect a smile? Where’s my 1911?

    This is my second holster win. First one I had ordered for my j frame, this one for my Makarov.

  2. [For the Film Noir fans out there].

    “I’ll have you know that they’re a large C cup!” *crosstalk* “Oh, Double Indemnity, I apologize for the misunderstanding”.

  3. Darling, I do know what you’re thinking: “trigger discipline.” But you’re making the terribly predictable assumption that I’m not about to shoot that seagull. Because I’m thinking: “lunch.”

  4. Even as she pretended to be Arthur Hamilton’s new lover, she was ready in case he asked too many questions…

  5. “So, you thought a woman alone on an isolated beach would be an easy victim? Do I look like shannon watts to you?”

  6. If you knew how close you have to get to a leopard, to kill it with this gun, you wouldn’t insult me, Mr. Bond.

  7. As the thug quickly assumed room temperature, Janice paused to think about her day’s adventures. Did she leave the stove on?

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