I can only imagine that the brains behind this video took their cue from Westerns where the good guy shot a gun out of the bad guy’s hand. Or COD. Or something. After which the marijuana brownies kicked in. And this is the result.

22 Responses to The Dumbest Gun Video You’ll See This Week — If Not This Month or Year



  2. It was pretty dumb – but it wasn’t that dumb as it is meant to be funny and ridiculous.

    I’ve seen/heard dumber from politicians.

  3. And I thought Jerry M. (No I’m not gonna try to spell it) was good… This will be the next mall ninja workshop.

  4. That sort of trick is common in games like ‘Call of Duty’, which is what this is a parody of.

  5. 7/10 I enjoyed it.

    Made me chuckle. It applies video game logic is all. Probably airsoft guys just having a good time. Not dumb at all. If you want dumbest just play DeLeon on loop… Although I’m not too sure if we’re ready to go down that road… It’s been rough down here.

  6. That seems like what you do in games. You can juggle things in some games by shooting them. I thought it was funny.

  7. Seriously, every now and then this site is a joke. This actually happened in a CSGO pro game and won a team the round. You guys should relax on occasion. Jesus I shoot competitively and also play games like CSGO and Overwatch and I get the humor here and couldn’t give less of a shit.

  8. It’s always cute when someone believes that making dumb videos on YouTube will somehow get them noticed by Hollywood…

  9. Robert- c’mon man. It’s a counter strike parody. And only slightly less funny than those awesome dynamic pie concept videos.
    I’m sure there’s a comment to be made about how we constantly chide the antis about lack of research…then we go and not do our own homework….

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