FireClean Lawsuit Against Bloggers Dismissed, Patent Rejected

This has been a bad week for FireClean. For those who haven’t been following the kerfuffle, a blogger named Andrew Tuohy published an analysis of FireClean which showed it was chemically similar to other vegetable oils. This led to others taking the analysis further and declaring FireClean to be simply re-bottled Crisco cooking oil. FireClean […]

ATF Posts Updated Processing Times for NFA Forms

Getting your NFA paperwork approved by the ATF is an annoying necessity for those who want cool gun toys (like silencers and SBRs) to play with. Given the torrential weight of applications and the grossly underfunded nature of the NFA branch it takes ages for anything to get approved, and the processing time for the various […]

BREAKING: Florida Nightclub Shooting leaves 2 Dead, 14 Wounded

Shots rang out late last night in Fort Myers, Florida outside a night club that was holding a “Swimsuit Glow Party” that was open to all ages. The shooting happened at the end of the night when party-goers were leaving the club and being picked up by their parents. Sixteen people were reportedly treated at the […]

Does ‘Easy Access’ to Assault Rifles Actually Reduce Terrorists’ Body Count?

Over the last few months two events have dominated the news cycle: Donald Trump’s candidacy and domestic terrorist attacks. Politicians in the United States have picked up on this pattern and responded by demanding that people suspected of being terrorists have their 2nd Amendment rights revoked, pointing to the “easy access to weapons of war” as something which […]