Consultant J.S. Leonard lists this as his office carry gear. We don’t know where his office is, but it looks like an awfully relaxed environment, making packing heat a pleasure during the workday. See what he carries at Everyday Carry . . .

14 Responses to Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – J.S. Leonard

  1. Wow! A Diamondback Arms DB9. We don’t see a lot of those here. How’s it running for you? And what’s it’s S.N. prefix, if you don’t mind saying?

    • Nothing wrong with the DB if it fires properly, but I giggled as I thought how he spent almost as much on the hat as the gun.

    • He certainly isn’t an office worker. The question is, if you’re gonna walk around in an outfit like that, why conceal the pistol? Everybody figures you’ve got one.

      I admit that I’m ineligible for a pocket dump. I’m forbidden to carry a weapon at work, and I’d rather not get fired over it, so mine’s in my car.

      • I won’t comment on his work situation but I agree with you on the rest. Why CCW when the rest of your gear screams “I OPERATE SO FUCKING HARD!”?

      • Because maybe he lives in a state that doesn’t allow open carry, so to comply with the law he conceal carries, but doesn’t really give a damn who knows about it.

  2. Yeah I caught the little Diamondback too. It’s probably better than the “new improved” Rem 51-maybe. They’re selling for very little on the interwebz…

  3. That DA Microtech LCC is a sweet knife, long discontinued selling for a few hundred used in today’s market . I recently gave my SA LCC to a friend .

  4. Nice. I’m a big fan of cost effective defense. The folder is an auto opener with the mechanism hidden/built into the grip of the knife. I have one like it put away somewhere. Very slick. Ditch the “operator” crap. Just me.

  5. Give me a break! This bozo doesn’t carry that stuff. That D/A LCC is probably about 15 years old and it still looks as new as that holster that has never been used!

    The stuff I carry everyday looks like I’ve actually used it…

  6. That’s it? Gun and knife? WhadImiss?

    Looks like no work done. Just a collector to wanted to see readers get lathered up about his antique. Goodie for you. I carry a Nambu and an arrowhead tucked in my loincloth.

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