Repro STG 44 Sturmgewehr Assault Rifles Selling Like Hotcakes

“Working replicas of the Nazis’ storm rifle, widely considered to be the world’s first assault rifle, are now being produced in the U.S.,” reports. “Hill & Mac Gunworks, a startup in the Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta, is reproducing the STG 44 Sturmgewehr [similar to, but not shown above], which was developed for German soldiers […]

Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser Fantasizes About Civilian Disarmament

Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser gets a lot grief here at The Truth About Guns. And deservedly so. Weisser is The Huffington Post’s go-to gun-owning anti-gunner. In other words, a traitor to the cause of firearms freedom. Normally, Mr. Weisser pretends to walk the non-existent line between the Second Amendment and civilian disarmament, promoting “common sense gun control.” In his […]

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Are You Avoiding Malls and Other ‘Gun Free Zones’ for Independence Day?

Dom Raso’s latest video doesn’t mince words, pull its punches or otherwise shy away from the truth about terrorism. The ex-SEAL and NRA Commentator tells viewers there’s a terrorist out there, somewhere, right now, plotting to “kill you and your family.” Raso reckons radical Islamic terrorists are going to hit a U.S. shopping mall, like they did in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. Raso’s video […]

Fake Senate Gun Rights Election Ad = Phallic Fail: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

This spoof ad starts pretty well — comedically speaking — until Freddy Scott deploys the “gun owners have small dicks” shtick. Ad nauseam.  The idea of an object as phallic compensation is often attributed to the makers of the Chevrolet Corvette. Sorry, Sigmund Freud. Because guns are phallic and the cocaine-sniffing father of psychoanalysis was deep into psycho-sexual pontification, complete with […]

New from Daniel Defense: Ambush .308 in Kryptek Highlander

Nick’s not a big fan of calling minor variations of an existing gun a “new” firearms. And it’s true that the Daniel Defense Ambush .308 is a package deal using existing bits to tailor an existing gun for a niche market (e.g. a 2-Stage Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Trigger and a Daniel Defense’s Superior Suppression Device Extended). […]

.22 Plinkster: IT IS BALLOON!

Those of you who are old enough will remember the phrase IT IS BALLOON from the comedy F-Troop. In this case, .22 Plinkster shoots a .22 caliber Henry at enough balloons to keep Pennywise the Clown happy. I found this video at the most excellent website. ENDO is not impressed: Call me a hater […]