As David writes,

Not “every item, everyday,” but “most of them, most days.” Never a flashlight. No specific reason; I just don’t. I keep my American Express card and IDs in a separate pocket from my cash (but they are also clipped together with binder clips). Item 19 usually sits in my car’s cup holder. My GLOCK sleeps in a leather IWB Bianchi which I pulled out of a value bin about 20 years ago. I’ve owned and used many different holsters over the years; the two I’ve come to rely on most are both Bianchi that I bought secondhand. They function and they last.

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17 Responses to Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – David Victor

  1. Burner phone, lock picks, cigar…I’m pretty sure this guy is a mafia hit man. Rather, he plays one on the internet.

  2. Interesting choice of pick if he only carries one. Either he’s really good with locks and loves the S rake or he’s adding that for flare. Personally I’d go with a rake designed more for zipping and a medium hook in case I’m reduced to bitch picking.

    Either that or just pack a snap gun…

  3. This is literally the picture version of “I’m part of tactical response team of one of the largest malls in america. I need to be able to take multiple hits from a .308 lapua from behind” aka mall ninja bullshit.

  4. I carry a HAM radio on my back every day. Otherwise how will I communicate with passing truckers?

    • He carries his HAM radio on his belt or in his pocket, lots easier on his back, considering the sheer weight he’s lugging around.

      (That Yaesu is a sweet little handheld…)

  5. Breaker breaker… I gotta 187 all up in my a$$…. roger…. out…..


    And do you talk to other car beds with your radios?

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