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“Mr. Trump’s supporters should be asking where in all his tweets and thunder there is believable concern for the nation’s gun victims instead of adolescent fantasies that they would have been better off armed for a ‘shootout.'” – The Shock of Ordinary Gun Violence [via nytimes.com]


33 Responses to Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: The New York Times Chastises Trump Supporters. Again. Still.

  1. “In contrast, Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic candidate, has for months been proposing a consistent agenda of gun controls.”
    Annnnd, there you have it.

  2. Lets ask the victims in Paris if they would have liked to have had a gun. Oh, wait we can’t.

    • But bu bu… if they had guns it would have been worse! The terrorists could have disarmed them then shot them! And that would be wrong, because that’s the government’s job.

  3. Here it is, don’t blink; I’m sorry your little welfare state has gotten out of control and is now eating itself, probably you should have embraced conservative family values and that wouldn’t have happened. Boo. Hoo.

    There, I cried for your victims, can you please keep your grubby hands off of my property, please?

  4. I haven’t heard Trump mention the nation’s “gun victims” even once, and I’m sick of it. He should be working to get those abused gun victims some help. I don’t care if we have to strip, re-barrel and restock every single one of them. That’s right, I’m not stopping at a good cleaning and a RemOil bath. Not ONE MORE GUN VICTIM! Get with it Trump!

  5. The newspaper is unashamed of its absolute loyalty to the Democrat Party and its role as a propaganda source.

    • NYT matters less every day and they know it.
      Their editorial panic is downright palpable, and for me a healthy part of a balanced breakfast.

  6. Let’s try this logic on:
    Democrats should be asking where in all their tweets and thunder there is believable concern for the nation’s (vehicle) victims instead of adolescent fantasies that they would have been better off (able to “travel”).

    Gee, that does sound asinine, doesn’t it?

  7. Inches per column, somewhat like mils per yard. Depends on your view which one is more effective.

  8. This must be the very reason why both criminals and police officers decline to go to work armed…

  9. I’ll just venture a theory. Maybe Mr. Trump’s concern for the victims of gun violence is in the exact same spot as the New York Times and its employee’s concern are. That is nowhere. The Times’ concern is fake, phony, bogus, a sham.

    Where is the millions of column inches is a real call out of Black and Black Lives Matter culture. The culture that forsakes education, rejects stable families with 2 involved parents, that celebrates victimhood as a status symbol.

    Sorry Times. Most gun violence is black on black. The black community made their own choice to accept this life. It’s not Trump’s place to fix their problems. In fact, if Trump were to try, he’d be called racist and told to shut up. Don’t like the world you help create and perpetuate NYT? TS. Black inner city residents are paying for it, you eat it.

  10. That’s right, keep showing people who are still having difficultly deciding if they should vote Trump, or not, that he is at least pissing off the right people…

    Like the Trump “protesters” with signs saying “Make America Mexico again” and burning the American flag whilst flying the Mexican flag, it’s just more wood on the fire. No way that would have a negative impact on those who are *gasp* still proud to be an American…

    Yeppers, keep beating those drums; guns are bad, total amnesty for illegals, open boarders, white people are evil, males are the oppressors of women, the global economy is good, Trump hate, Trump hate, Trump hate…

    Keep on stoking those flames for Trump, you f*cking idiots!

  11. A “gun victim”? They mean; M1 Thumb, gator bite from an M9, or cutting your thumb on a slide during recoil?

    Or do they mean victims of murder? The term, murder, implying that another human being is responsible not a piece of polymer and steel.

  12. Isn’t the “adolescent fantasy” that they highlight that if we have stricter gun control then there would be no crime? Koombaya and rely on police and government protection?

  13. Of course, by FBI crime stays, no mention that the vast majority of people that shoots another in momentary pique of anger, while drunk, was a felon, that legally could not own a gun in the first place.

    But that would not support the progressive agenda that everyone is a murderer, that just has not killed anyone, yet.

    What a sick and twisted belief system. The inmates have escaped and are now running the asylum.

    • Most shooting victims in the Big Blue Cities are gang members.
      The only sorry I can feel for them is that they were so poorly raised by incompetent parents.

      • +1 What is the root cause/source of poor screwed up people? Poor screwed up people manufacture them. It is a subsidized activity even. This is also true of screwed up people in general, not just the poor.

  14. For every gun victim, there are 25 to 30 victims of doctor/healthcare incompetence, carelessness or laziness.

    Why doesn’t the NYT have any compassion for those folks ?????

  15. Well, Pravda On The Hudson is consistent.

    To be “fair and balanced” – that’s their motto, right? – where in all her bloviating and agitation has Presumptive nominee Clinton proposed any policy that will do any good about criminal violence, involving guns or otherwise?

    Disarm everybody who follows the law, because they are the problem! Meanwhile Trump ham-handedly, and with evident glee declares “How about we do something about the people behaving badly?” And Tbe Times is astonished that the one message works better then the other.

    I keep recalling Feinstein’s story of the years-ago shoot up that motivates her crusade. Protected by security armed with guns, this senator, and the other one now running for President have remained unharmed for years. Yet, they and The Times, would deny us little people the same protection. They’d rather we get killed by bad actors who’s guns their laws will not remove, it seems.

  16. The NY Slime began to slide into irrelevancy about the time that Joseph Gayetty marketed the first commercial toilet paper to protect people’s sensitive areas from caustic newspaper ink.

    The Slime had one job, one — and in a single stroke, Gayetty made The Slime obsolete. Okay, maybe it took more than one stroke.

  17. Here’s the problem with headlines like that: “Robert Farago Chastises Trump Supporters. Again. Still.”

  18. I’m backing Trump just for the fun of watching the meltdown at the NYT, MSNBC, CNN and WAPO.

    who’s got the popcorn?

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