Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 5.31.16: Libertarian Boorishness, Syrian Inventiveness and Saudi Peevishness

Why do Libertarian Party candidates hate guns so much? That seems a valid, if unlikely question, first in the wake of the party’s nomination of an unapologetically gun control loving VP candidate. Now, the top of the ticket, Gary Johnson has displayed a jaw dropping lack of manners, not to mention arguable antipathy toward a replica historic […]

The More Things Change, The More They Deteriorate: 58 Shot, 4 Dead Over Chicago Holiday Weekend

Eddie Johnson was named as Chicago’s Police superintendent only two months ago. After the hapless, hopeless, historically violent term of the odious Gary McCarthy, Johnson had only one way to go…up. But since assuming the top cop job, things haven’t gotten any better. Which was why, with 2016 gunshot deaths up 55% compared to last […]

One More Time…How Many Households in the US Have Guns?

Reader RW writes: In a recent NRA training course the counselor stated that one in two American households probably have a gun, though many don’t admit it. I backed him up on the claim. He was trying to quickly demonstrate some not directly firearms-related points important to instructors and safety officers…the importance of being an […]

Bullet Resistant Vests and Handgun Round Stopping Power

By Chris Taylor There is a surprising amount that people don’t know about body armor. Of course, what one person doesn’t know could fill a warehouse. There’s always more to be understood, particularly when it comes to body armor. Nevertheless, many do not understand the protection available in a bullet resistant (or bullet proof, as […]

NBA Player, Trying to Assault Girlfriend, Shot and Killed After Breaking Into Wrong Apartment

Let’s say you’re a NBA player. While you weren’t drafted out of college and you’re way down on the league salary scale, you’ve finally made the big show and you’re pulling in nice bank by any reasonable standard. And now that you’ve made the big time, you have to keep up appearances by fathering at least one child […]