Nuns with Guns?

As the video above proves, nuns with guns isn’t a new idea. Sure, the Pope declared that Christians can’t trust gun manufacturers. But the entertainment industry has been arming nuns for some time. So Seth Kaufman’s new satirical book Nuns with Guns isn’t really groundbreaking. But it is anti-gun. gets us back into the habit . . .

A gun lobbyist, a producer, and four nuns get their own reality show.

No, it is not the prelude to a bar joke — it is the premise of a new and hysterical yet timely book, Nuns With Guns, by Seth Kaufman. Inspired by the proliferation of gun deaths on American soil, Kaufman examines gun control through a satirical lens.

Nuns with Guns (courtesy

Four Catholic nuns land a reality show deal with notoriously foul-mouthed Hollywood producer Rick Salter and set out in a competition to see who can collect the most guns.

Steadfast on their mission, the sisters catch the backlash of the gun lobby while inspiring boycotts and death threats — all while capturing the attention of an enraptured reality show audience.

Will these gutsy women of the cloth put an end to gun violence, or will they meet their makers while trying? Find out when Nuns With Guns hits stands.

Or not.