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I don’t have any tattoos. I briefly considered having לעולם לא עוד (“Never Again”) inked on my arm. I sobered-up before I let a permanently sterilized tattoo needle do the business. [NOTE: most tattoo artists won’t work on an inebriated client.] I certainly understand and appreciate gun owners who Molon Labe or Cold Dead Hands their flesh. Or imprint a pic of their favorite gun or something firearms-related. Is that you? Send a pic of your gun tat to with GUN TAT in the subject bar and we’ll post them here and on our Facebook page. Meanwhile, here are some of my favorites from the Interwebz . . .

Gun tat (courtesy

Crotch gun (courtesy

Love (courtesy

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41 Responses to DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Got Gun Tat?

  1. I have a lot of ink. But nothing with a gun. That will change soon when I get the War Buddha from 30secondsout inked in.

    • Googled it – nice! If it were me, I’d think about leaving off the helos, though – they might be a little small to have enough detail to look like helos rather than thought balloons, depending on how big you get it.

      While I don’t go for ink, personally, I appreciate the aesthetics of a nice job.

      • Fine detail works, you just have to get a bigger tat. I’m not a fan of small ink. The way I see it, skin isn’t special, it’s all just meat.

  2. I know lots of people with tattoos and see a lot more people my age with them, but needles bother me and I’d simply prefer to not permanently alter my skin. In the context of guns, I treat this the same way as bumper stickers. Don’t advertise anything you wouldn’t be okay with having stolen out of your home.

  3. “Got (a) Gun Tat?”

    Not yet, nor am I planning one.

    But, you never know.

    I might discover one the morning after a memorable (yet not remembered) drunk-high-stupid thing…

  4. Gun tats? No. But I’ve got a visible USMC motto tat on my forearm which I got after a decade on civie street. (The EGA, which I got while I was still in, is hidden by a PT uniform as per the regulations at the time.)

  5. My uncle got a tat at Pearl before the Japanese arrived in ’41 and years later was sorry that he had since they tend to smear or blur over time. This was well before they did removals, I suspect a tattoo artist with a laser could clean up some of the blur effect. Still, I will pass on getting a tat, at least for now.

  6. No, unlike the majority of Americans today, I hate tattoos. I especially hate it when women have tattoos. My personal opinion is that men who have been sailors or marines are qualified to have one or two tattoos. Other than that, most people should stay away from tats.

  7. Not gun related. I think guns are pleasant looking, but not in the right way, to go on my hide.

    Mottos, no, also do not want. Too blunt, too forceful, wrong order of design, for my wishes. It’s like “tell us how you really feel”.

    This is just for myself, naturally i have specific preferences since i live in this skin. To each their own.

  8. I don’t have any tattoos on my body and will withhold my highly opinionated views of such here. I will say my FFL has the constitution tattooed on his arm. It’s pretty cool.

      • I chuckled at the thought of this too. Must have been one skilled artist, writing it all down perfectly in size 2 font.

      • I don’t think so. It started with the Preamble. It was definitely sufficiently long to vastly exceed the text of the preamble, but definitely isn’t long enough for the whole constitution. I didn’t stop and read it – so I’m not sure what all is there.

  9. I have ink. one “sleeve” (there’s more white space than ink, but it goes from wrist to my back) and one piratical tat on the opposite arm. I’ve thought about “We the People” but haven’t committed to it yet. I have 2 more on deck before that , one for each of my kids.. then maybe the We The People.. or maybe the symbol for hydrogen, or both, who knows. Life is a journey, not a destination. My ink marks my life points along the way. some is personal, some meanings are private, I don’t give a shit what it will look like when I’m 80, I’ll be blessed and grateful if I make it there with my mind and body intact. I may even celebrate with a tattoo to mark my arrival.

    • “My ink marks my life points along the way. some is personal, some meanings are private, I don’t give a shit what it will look like when I’m 80, I’ll be blessed and grateful if I make it there with my mind and body intact.” This, a hundred times. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Maybe someday I’ll get a gun tat. Probably an AK or 1911.

      • On aging & tattoos…my wife just got her first tattoo, at age 73! Took her that long to decide what to have “permanently” on her skin.

  10. I got “pew pew pew” tattooed on my, uhh, Gun, but most days it looks like it just says “pew”.

      • If you hold it just right it can say Pe-Pe .

        Sorry for the humor but making up for the lack of any Ralph comments. There are a lot of opinions about tattoos, some are religious some are from an old fashioned school of thought. Being more Libertarian, do what you want to your own skin just leave mine alone.

  11. I figure, if God wanted me to have ink embedded under my skin, I would have been born that way.

    I’m also mindful of the Jeff Foxworthy joke about the yound lady who gets an eagle inked on her shoulder. Fifty years later, her granddaughter is asking “Why does Grandma have a buzzard on her back?”

    • If God wanted you to have a gun, you’d have been born with one.. If God wanted you to have a pacemaker, a mole removed, a haircut, wheels instead of a car.. you can justify anything you approve of and use God as an excuse for anything you don’t. OR… you could just man up and admit you don’t like them or maybe they’re not for you or you have a fear of needles.

  12. Google image for jman####- I don’t remember the numbers they are on the bottom right of all the photographs, the photo series is popular

  13. You know, I was dead set against tats for years, and then my brother mentioned getting the family crest on his pec, and I thought ‘I could do that’. So I got my first tats as initials of my children: both living and dead. From there, it’s just a matter of finding the right tats to add. I only have 2 that I regret, and one can be covered up with something else once i get around to it: the other……well, my mistake almost cost me my leg. It will always remind me to go to the professionals……

  14. “Never again” is a also popular yacht name, though it is usually followed by a roman numeral.

  15. I have an AK as 1/2 of my forearm sleeve, and the other half is supposed to be an M16A2. But the artist who was doing the work has the stencils with him in Santa Fe, after having to move on short-notice for family reasons. But I don’t really think my employer will approve a leave-of-absence so I can make a trip to NM to get it finished.

  16. I don’t have any… but if I did it would be Elmer Fudd following rabbit tracks across my butt cheek down into the crack.

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