Defense Distributed 3D-Printed Gun (‘Liberator’) Used in Crime!

"Calum" in Lifetime Movie Club

Eagle-eyed TTAG reader MK was watching a flick on the Lifetime Movie Club called I Have Your Children. [Full plot description after the jump.] It’s your basic psycho school bus hijacker standoff with a hard-as-nails-but-not-really female hostage negotiator movie. Baddie Calum is a genius! And we all know that geniuses 3-D print a Defense Distributed Liberator to enact their nefarious schemes — rather than buy a handgun that fires more  than one round. #dohIcouldvehadanXD. Anyway, history is made . . .

Detective Amber Cross is Hartford, Connecticut’s go-to crisis negotiator, currently at risk of losing custody of her young son to her estranged husband. And despite a recent setback when she was blamed for the tragic end of a domestic stand-off, she’s the first to get called in when Calum, a troubled and dangerous young genius, hijacks a bus load of school children and holds them ransom for a mysteriously specific amount of money.

As Amber negotiates for control of the scene with the hot-headed and trigger-happy lead of the tactical team, the villain also becomes the victim when it’s discovered that Calum’s motivation for the hostage taking is what he considers to be the fraudulent denial of his ailing mother’s staggeringly high medical insurance claim. Amber now must try to stickhandle [?] a safe resolution to what seems like an irreparable conflict; saving the lives of these abducted children, even if she may not be able to retain custody of her own.