Woman Shoots Mall Mugger in the Neck: Defensive Gun Use of the Day

An un-named Kentucky woman first noticed John Ganobick eyeballing her in a Louisville mall food court. Then he followed her to the parking garage. And into an elevator. When the doors opened, she bolted…with Ganobick in hot pursuit. As dailymail.com relates, “Ganobick slammed her head into an unknown object, told her to ‘give me all your money’, and showed her a knife, the arrest report said.” That’s when the woman woman managed to reach into her purse . . .


She then grabbed her gun and administered an impromptu tracheotomy. “Surveillance footage captured the man coming down the parking garage’s stairs bleeding from the neck.” Ganobick (who – surprise! – was already on probation) is now residing in a county facility facing charges of robbery, kidnapping, and attempted murder.

The unidentified victim was apparently unavailable to comment on the prevailing Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex narrative that law abiding gun owners really don’t use firearms to defend themselves very often.

[h/t IW]