TTAG Daily Digest 3.21.16


Hansel and Gretel (Have Guns) – The dynamic duo’s foray into the woods goes much better for all concerned when they take their long guns with them in a NRA Family re-write. Next up: Snow White’s revenge.

There are 4 MILLION guns on UK streets – and 4,000 youngsters have shotgun licensesThe Mirror forgets to highlight the fact that their pet expert reckons there are 500 THOUSAND illegal guns in The Land of Hope and Glory . . .

The Good Wife’ brilliantly took a shot at gun sellers in the latest episode – Murdered victim’s father posts billboard calling out gun store. Gun store sues father. Father countersues store for increasing gun crime in Chicago and hurting tourism. There are no winners here. That sort of thing.

Here’s why the Marines are bringing back Vietnam-era rifle cleaning kits – “Quite frankly, they don’t work as well as the old rods we had that you just screw together.” Needless to say, the new kits cost four times as much as the old ones.

Supreme Court Almost Ruled That Stun Guns Are Protected By The Second Amendment – Almost? There’s just no pleasing The Huffington Post — unless it’s a law or ruling degrading or destroying Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

Police chief: ‘Put your guns down and talk about it!’ – I prefer San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus’ exact words: “Put your doggone guns down and if you have a quarrel, talk about it!” Dagnabbit.

Durham officer injured after gun goes off in scuffle with suspect – A suspect being transported to jail pulls a .380 from his pants and it “goes off.” Funny how that happens.

LETHAL MEANS ACCESS AND ASSESSMENT AMONG SUICIDAL EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT PATIENTS – New study concludes that ER docs ask less than half of suicidal patients if they have a gun at home. They study’s based entirely on official documents. No word on whether or not the Docs enquired about patients’ access to prescription meds.

Suspect arrested in gas station shooting caught on high-definition surveillance video – Smile, hon! Your on high def project green light video!

Combat flip-flops – Uh . . .