TTAG Daily Digest 3.24.16

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Don’t mess with Texas! And if you do, don’t bother applying for state employment. Here in The Lone Star state we’re gainfully employed assembling the TTAG Daily Digest for your dining and dancing pleasure while armed — with Google! We’re also armed with common sense. So we know that thieves target guns store and gun sales go up when the media shows criminals using guns (and gun control laws going down). In other entertaining gun news . . .

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Guns in Texas – How about why you can’t even walk into a bar with a gun on your hip without committing a felony?

Why do gun sales keep spiking? – “Every time guns are in the news, more guns are sold.” Does this mean a new embargo on mentioning guns by the media?

Federal agents noticing trend; thieves targeting guns stores in NC, SC – Willie Sutton knew where the money was. That’s why he robbed banks.

Steampunk machine gun (courtesy

Steampunk Machine Guns Made from Old Typewriters – Write on!

It’s Weird that Republicans Find Guns So Scary – Actually, it was the Dem rep’s unsafe handling they objected to.

Gun Manufacturers Need to Lead Change, Not Just Follow the Law – The big three need to be “steward(s) for the entire gun marketing system,” to minimize illegal sales of guns. Apparently.

UT demo (courtesy

New law allowing concealed guns on campus roils University of Texas – Roils? A self-proclaimed finalist for Dean of UT’s communications school takes himself out of the running because guns.

Europe on edge: Moment police in Spain TAKE DOWN man with rifle as terror fears boil over – I get the feeling that Europe isn’t quite ready for open carry.

Are Guns in Public Schools the Next Frontier for Our Firearm-Obsessed Nation? – “For the Trump constituency, teachers who stash guns in their filing cabinets next to that morning’s spelling quiz are just doing their part to keep America’s schoolrooms safe.”