TTAG Daily Digest 03.25.16

Guns make great props. Props to/for the Democrats for their foolish consistency — bringing out scary “assault rifles” whenever they want to scare people into surrendering their gun rights. The above video hails from the Volunteer State. Over in the Garden State, a [very lonely] legislator make the case for gun rights. Maybe he should have brought a blue gun for his blue state buds. Maybe not. Here’s that and some more gun news worth pondering. Pandering? Whatevs . . .

Tennessee Legislator Pulls Out Assault Rifle On House Floor To Prove A Point On Easy Gun Availability – All Tennessee state rep Mike Stewart needed to get that gun was $750 in cash. Good deal?

One Million Texans With Guns – One million down, thirty million to go.

N.J. lawmaker: Lawful citizens should be able to carry guns – State senator Quixote rides again.

Death sentence for cop who let pistol be used in robbery, murder – They don’t mess around in Malaysia.

Thousands sign petition to allow guns at Republican National Convention in Cleveland – 10,000 signatures and counting. Not that it’s likely to do much good.

If it’s NERF or nothing, sometimes nothing is your better option.

Lawmakers vote to allow guns in private schools – It’s private property. Why do they need permission from the state?

Soldier Shoots Down Drone With Cyber Rifle at Defense Secretary’s Feet – Pull!

Criminals: Don’t Break Into A House With A Pistol Sign – You’d think the ‘We Don’t Call 911’ sign would have been a tip-off.

Microsoft deletes ‘teen girl’ AI after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours – But “smart” guns are totally a good idea.

9 Dangerous Mistakes That New Gun Owners Make – They couldn’t find a 10th? My OCD is not happy.