New From Lehigh Defense: .45 ACP Xtreme Defense Bullets in Underwood Ammunition


Our readers loved Lehigh Defense’s Xtreme Defense ammo. So much so that they voted it Reader’s Choice Best New Ammunition of 2015. TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia apparently aren’t the round’s only fans. Lehigh has just announced (press release below) that they’re teaming up with Underwood Ammo to offer their superior performing .45 caliber personal defense projectiles in Underwood’s cartridges . . .

We welcome the 45 ACP to our Xtreme Defense, (XD) Product Line. Our Xtreme Defense Technology is based upon our proven Xtreme Penetrator product line, but we modified our Patented Nose Design to reduce the penetration to between 15 and 19 inches, depending on the barrier. The bullet outperforms all other bullet designs by offering truly barrier-blind performance, with excellent wound channels, and almost 100% weight retention. It does all of this while maintaining its flight path, post barrier, with extremely low recoil energy.

The gel shot shown below demonstrates the devistating performance of the 45 ACP XD through 4 layers of denim. You can see just how massive the wound channel is due to the incredible amount of radial hydraulic energy that is being produced.


We took our testing a step further, we put the 45 ACP XD through the FBI Protocol for bullet testing. The results are recorded below.

FBI Protocol Terminal Performance Testing
Conducted using 10% Ballistics Gelatin
(Gun – Springfield XD with a 5” Barrel, Shot at 1,350 fps)

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.31.53 PM
One of the toughest tests to pass is the compound angle shot that is taken through an automotive windshield. The gel shot shown below was conducted in accordance to the FBI protocol and you can see just how well the bullet performed. We would also like to point out that the path of the bullet is almost identical to the path of the bullet in the above gel shot.


The new 45 ACP XD, with its devastating devastating terminal effects and barrier blind performance, is unparalleled in personal defense ammunition.

As we continue to focus our energy on innovative bullet designs, and to better service our ammunition customers our Premier Partners are loading our bullets in their ammunition. You can find the new 45 ACP XD at Underwood Ammunition.


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