Gear Review: CrossBreed IWB Women’s Appendix Carry Holster

Some gun enthusiasts consider firearms-related products aimed at women buyers nothing more than pandering. Sometimes it’s true (even if it’s unimportant). Sometimes it isn’t; the product offers females a genuine advantage over “standard” products designed for men. Is the Crossbreed IWB Women’s Appendix Carry Holster — hereafter known as the WACH — the former or the latter? According to CrossBreed’s website, “with its softer leather and […]

Men and Women on Guns. Different But Equal

I’m often asked why I focus on “women and guns” rather than “people with guns.” It isn’t because I’m a feminist, as some suggest or that I’m not interested in “men’s things.” I’m neither a feminist nor a misandrist. I’m a realist. The biological reality: women are different than men. Our bodies are different, and not just in the obvious ways. […]

A Garden Gun Cultivates a Newfound Fascination

Visiting Wyoming is always a pleasure. I get to see my husband, visit my future home town (as soon as our house sells) and meet some friendly folks. During my last visit, I discussed Wyoming hunting with my husband’s friend and co-worker Eric. At some point in the proceedings he brought out a dusty and well-loved Anschutz rifle […]

Gear Review: Dene Adams Concealment Corset

By accident of birth and editorial inclination, I’ve become something of a woman’s holster guru. Over the last month or so, ladies have been sending me links to the Dene Adams corset holster, wanting to know if it’s worth the $119.99. Good question! To paraphrase the Bard, once more into the britches, dear Horatio .  . .

German Applications for “Small Arms Licenses” Soar. Only One Problem . . .

“Germany says it is extending border controls along its frontiers for a further three months due to continued high numbers of refugee arrivals,” reports. “Almost 1.1 million people entered Germany last year to apply for asylum. Most came through the country’s southern border with Austria.” Causing some major problems with crime, including sexual assaults […]

Gear Review: Can Can Concealment Corset Holster

Can Can Concealment sells the BIG SheBang concealed carry rig I reviewed last June. The five-star holster garment is cute, easy to use, comfortable and efficient. The Can Can Concealment corset holster is roughly the same design and style in a full upper-body tank top, positioning firearms in the small of a woman’s back. The fact that the corset’s currently out-of-stock tells you it’s popular. But is […]