Question of the Day: Is Firearms Freedom a Victim of Its Own Success?

GLOCK 19 (courtesy

I just read’s article Real Training: Painful, Dangerous And Uncomfortable. If that’s the definition of “real training,” I haven’t had any. Come to think of it, I’ve somehow avoided major pain, danger or discomfort for the last 56 years. OK, my mother was abusive. An ex-wife held a GLOCK 30SF to my kidney. I used to jump out of airplanes (that didn’t end well). But in total, my life was and is good. Here’s the thing: gun control advocates’ utopian vision of a gun-free paradise only finds favor because their supporters’ lives are pleasant, safe and comfortable. If they lived in a world where they really needed a gun, they’d be pro-gun so fast it would make a revolver’s cylinder spin. They’re not pro-gun because we have guns. We created — and continue to create — the “safe space” from which the antis’ attack our rights. Am I right?