Question of the Day: Are Anti-Open Carry Gun Owners “Blaming the Victim”?


There is a phenomenal French bakery just down the road from me. Baguette et Chocolat bakes all their patisserie from scratch on the premises. Their flaky croissants melt in your mouth. The salade Nicoise is an edible garden of earthly delights. Rocking up for lunch this week, Dan and I were dismayed to discover box-fresh 30.06 and 30.07 signs darkening their doors. (No open or concealed carry allowed.) No doubt . . .

B&C apparently made the change in response to Texas’ new licensed open carry law. So I put the question to Open Carry Texas jefe C.J. Grisham: had open carry created a backlash against gun owners? C.J. reckons gun carriers coming out of the proverbial closet are forcing hoplophobes to do the same. “Some of them will come ’round,” C.J. predicted, “and eventually remove the signs. Meanwhile, don’t blame the victim.” Good advice?