OMG! People Carrying Guns While Voting! OMG!

Voter ID Arkansas (courtesy

“Voters can take their guns with them Tuesday at some polling places in Benton and Washington counties,” Arkansas’ rap music website reports (JK). “Guns were not allowed at polling places until state law changed last year, dropping ‘any polling place’ from a list of where concealed handguns are prohibited under Arkansas Code 5-73-306.” Can you imagine the consternation carrying causes amongst the doyennes of civilian disarmament? Remember that . . .

plenty of “Super Tuesday” states have polling places that allow concealed or (in some cases) open carry. Despite all that campus carry kerfuffle — where anti-gunners’ suggest that guns are a threat wherever emotions run high — polling day pistols are not problematic, at least in the Natural State.

“Arkansas is a pretty rural state in the scheme of things,” said Bill Ackerman, Washington County Election Commission chairman. “Many of these families who now have a permit [to carry] — they are knowledgeable when it comes to firearms. We don’t anticipate any problem.”

Legally, thousands of concealed guns could show up where people vote. Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Sadler wrote in an email that there are 12,101 active concealed weapon licenses in Benton County and 9,339 in Washington County.

I know we should vote our guns but does that mean guns show up and vote? Nah. Didn’t think so. If they did, I bet GLOCKs would vote for Trump. Just sayin’ . . .