NZ Shotgun Murder Highlights Need for Armed Self-Defense

“Neville Ngaiterangi Tahere, the Ashburton Work and Income security officer, said he had contact with [Russell] Tully before the shootings,” reports. “He kept a daily log book which included details of Tully being trespassed from the office in early August. On Friday August 29, Tully came in for an appointment in spite of the trespass order […]

The Great Holster Smackdown: Nylon v. Leather

Republished with permission from It’s that time in our democracy when we exercise the right to shape our future. Everyone has strong leanings towards one set of ideas over another and we proudly express these publicly.  We examine the facts; discuss the issues. Family members argue; spirited debates ensue. Of course we’re not talking […]

Your First Carry Gun Made Easy: Guns for Beginners

Ever heard of Stendhal syndrome? It’s a condition sparked by too much choice. You’ll find sufferers in front of the spaghetti sauce section of your local supermarket, standing there, staring. You’ll find them at gun stores too. No surprise there. An aspiring gun carrier must choose from dozens of potential guns; a bewildering selection of brands, calibers, barrel lengths, actions and trigger types. Gun store salesmen are notoriously […]

OMG! People Carrying Guns While Voting! OMG!

“Voters can take their guns with them Tuesday at some polling places in Benton and Washington counties,” Arkansas’ rap music website reports (JK). “Guns were not allowed at polling places until state law changed last year, dropping ‘any polling place’ from a list of where concealed handguns are prohibited under Arkansas Code 5-73-306.” Can you […]

Not-So-Obscure Object of Desire: The Plains Rifle

The NRA Museum’s YouTube Channel isn’t exactly popular. When I caught up with it, the Gun Gurus’ Plains Rifle video above had garnered just 527 views. I’m sad that there’s such a limited audience for such a superlative production about such a historically important firearm. As a gun blogger who can spend four hours writing a post that’s seen […]

Unloaded. Stupidest Anti-Gun Agitprop Ever?

“If we can’t get guns out of our cities, let’s at least get them out of our crime stories,” Ron Charles at writes. “That seems to be the idea behind a curious anthology called ‘Unloaded: Crime Writers Writing Without Guns.’ Among the two-dozen contributors are Joyce Carol Oates, Reed Farrel Coleman, Alison Gaylin, Joe Lansdale and […]

Camouflaged Snipers Rock

TTAG’s resident war hero Jon Wayne Taylor and I had a long conversation about Chris Kyle one day. Jon revealed that Mr. Kyle was not a particularly good shot. His genius lay in his ability to infiltrate an area without being detected, and remain there, hidden. Camouflage is more than just clothing. It’s knowing where to […]

Question of the Day: Are Anti-Open Carry Gun Owners “Blaming the Victim”?

There is a phenomenal French bakery just down the road from me. Baguette et Chocolat bakes all their patisserie from scratch on the premises. Their flaky croissants melt in your mouth. The salade Nicoise is an edible garden of earthly delights. Rocking up for lunch this week, Dan and I were dismayed to discover box-fresh 30.06 and 30.07 signs darkening their doors. (No open or […]